I need a CHANGE!

My mind is wandering around the unexplainable corners of life,

Where I couldn’t find anyone besides me.

Is this what we call as loneliness,

Or an obfuscate feeling in human-life.

I couldn’t control my-self from the wide penurious thoughts,

Where I’m the only person who have to survive.

Nothing goes right or wrong these days,

All because of this highly expletive ruinous feelings.

I need a meticulous CHANGE from this portentous life,

Or a serene HOPE about the stony devoid in front of me.




Rainy Prospects

I loves walking in the rain through a crowded path,

Holding my dry umbrella without getting wet.

And I see most of the people watching and laughing at me,

That the madness of mine is a recondite one.

Is this guy impinge his attitude or weirdness on this worst rainy evening?

Most of them stares at me with that query,

Which may be a frantic dekko for me.

What ever they think about me,

This is one among the simplest way to experience,

One could enjoy joyous natural coolness and beauty of our lively world.


Pleats of a Relationship

It was the glory of inconsolable creeping disaster,

Hits my heart in an independent crooked situation,

Where I have lost my love for-ever under the indelicate blessings of God.

The days or months or years we had spent together,

Was always a thorough sacred memories,

Which is still alive in my heart as a symbolic reality.

Being into a relationship is nothing more than an opportunity,

Where you could experience some wide HOPE or VERGE of life,

But it can be a SOLEMN or WORST feeling though.

The only visuals prolonged all through my heart is for her holy come-back,

Which would be a down-hearted impact from the almighty to me.