Tangled ZERO can be continued! :P

Haha!This one really stumbled over my head like HELL…. 😀 😛
I just need to ask you all a SINGLE reasonable QUERY??
Is RAHUL ASHOK,  an INSANE or MAD enough to think like this??

Am I MAD?? 😀 😛

Mathematics is such a great finding by our ancestors I know. But why it is so far comprehensive furore for me?? I think, there is something barring inside my BRAIN as a svelte impact. This is just a continuation of my post, Tangled Zero, which was updated few days before. So there is no need of any additional introductions or contents regarding the topic it seems. Let me directly share few of my weird and creaky tines about the above mentioned subject. Hope you all will enjoy reading my negotiable findings at-least for FUN. 🙂 😀

What made my brain to have chits like this?? 😀 :/

1)We all know, zero coming as a denominator is an indivisible by a numerator or it is be an UNDEFINED inset in Mathematics. Here, I’m going to prove that 0/0(Zero divided by Zero) can be equal to 2!
Mathematically stating,
Please don’t go away from https://myindividualinsights.wordpress.com/ by just reading the above interrogative tag! LOL. 😀 😛
My proof:
 0/0= (100-100)/(100-100)

Right side implies: ((10*10)-(10*10))/((10*10)-(10*10))[Simply splits 100 into its multiples]

 >> ((10^2)-(10^2))/((10)*(10-10))


>>((10+10))/(10) [Cutting (10-10), which is common in both numerator and denominator. I know 10-10=0 and 0/0 is UNDEFINED. But LOGICALLY?????]


Hence the proof. 😀 😛 😉

2) Another one with variables! 😛
Assume that a=b and a^2= ab

Then, ((a^2))-(b^2))=((ab-b^2))







Huh? Any further questions from my blooms? LOL. 😀 😉

Disclaimer: I don’t know whether all the above mentioned LOGICS are some fallacy’s against the world renowned subject, MATHEMATICS, by me!  If you felt anything intellectual or dusky about me, kindly take this as for fun only. But I DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYONE, who DISSENTS with my unfamiliar thoughts( Still, exceptions would be there I know). This is RAHUL ASHOK, a non-renewable and utilitarian guy having always fidelity on his thoughts and opinions. 🙂 😀