Am I being polite?

Different stages of this friable life,

Peeps into my manifold of vicarious dreams.

My imaginations exist in that overt screen,

In which the real-time shadow of life may conceal now.

The day when I see them as a reality,

Rationalize its comprehension,

Reject the vivid fallacious segments under it,

And live like a rational being accepting himself forever.

 PS: Wrote this piece when I completed reading the Mallu local writer Sri. Thakazhi Sivashankara Pillai’s most popular stories. According to my views, he is a remarkable legend in Malayalam literature who could play with the words simply in a profound, expressive and obscene way. Respects and salutes to you, Mashe! 🙂
Special credits to Revu for taking this polite looking pica of mine! 😀