My Love & Life

Love in my life, like a bee

Enjoys the melody of honey

She makes without a reap

Now with her wings

She plays with me

With her feet

She binds me

Within her eyes, I see our nest

Her bed– a cozy space for us to spend

My kisses are her regular wine

And we make love with its silent line

What is love? I asked her

A kiss in return– her love

But I know it’s she

It’s she– my love

And I know

It’s she– my life

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She. He

She lies. Over me

I see. Another me

She cries. Eyes fade

I smile. Kisses shade

She thinks. Time stops

I wink. Word gasps

She writes. Ink’s chow

I read. Rhyme’s flow

She loves. My Owl

I love. Her soul

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Couplet Of Love

A mirror reflects his beauty

that portrays her eerily

melody of a silvery line

written by an insane

sailor of a love’s ship

lives in her heart’s dip

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2 days

New York
21st July 2002
09:55 pm

This wasn’t her first time of repeating the same fault. But it was a quiet accidental incident this time though. She was terrified about her mom’s reaction, and hence that young girl decided to stay outside the main door of her home on that misty midnight, eagerly waiting for her step dad’s arrival from the work site. Isha, that was her name. Born as an Indian by birth and currently residing in New York along with her mom and step dad for 3 years. She lost her dad in a plane crash when she was 6. The incident had seriously put a negative impact for her small family and Isha completely lost herself personally after the disaster. Radhika, her mom always shouted at this young-beautiful teenager’s naughty and lazy actions for no reason in everything Isha do and that was why she really did hate her own mom and loved being in contact with Robin, her step dad. Even on that shivery cold climatic condition, her only intention was to wait for Robin to get back home.

22nd July 2002
12:15 am

Gradually, the climatic conditions started to change. The temperature began to fall down drastically and Isha felt so unsafe with it. She couldn’t withstand the naive climatic condition present there anymore with the jacket she had, but still lacked the confidence for knocking the door just behind her. Suddenly she noticed a fatty-middle aged women who were in a traditional Indian saree wear with a black sweater above it, opened the door in a much louder voice.

“Isha…! Where were you?”, she shouted.

“Mom…! I was… I was at Rohan’s home. We had a few common discussions regarding the project that must be submitted on tomorrow.”, Isha said in a hurry.

“I see…! How dare did you lie to me?

“I don’t think so, Mom. Believe me if you can! Even if you can’t, please do leave me alone. You see, I’m too tired and need some sleep now.”

“Are you a hooker or night bar girl to come back home so early like this? Huh? Let me see what I could do on your case. Get in for now!”

Isha painfully accepted the stout lady’s trust and faith on her and looked like a half-witted girl, still in a shy mood. 

“Why under the name of holy shit she had given birth to a girl like me”, she thought.

“Get in……!”, Radhika proclaimed at her unlucky daughter again.

Isha estranged herself from mom by walking directly towards her room upstairs. She locked the door from inside for avoiding another war fight of words between her and mom. While sitting on the bed in an angry mood, the young girl came to note a beautiful, but the upset image of a girl in the mirror which was held opposite to her bed. Isha, in a hurry, started to follow the mirror like someone who hadn’t ever seen her reflection on a long glass piece and willing to find the dynamic reason behind its magical appearance. She stood there in an excitement for doing an experimental naughty action, which might even lead to the origin of another stewed observation from her mom’s side. She stripped off her clothes one by one, from the jacket to panties.

She gazed at her nakedness, enlarged breasts, red marks on both sides of the stomach, and hid the vaginal region with both fingers, as if something had happened! While looking at the mirror, she viewed a teenager who had lost herself and beyond the self-control few hours back at her boy friend’s home. The time they had spent together, on a common bed, might be the right opportunity to her boyfriend who had been waiting for a moment like this since they’re in relationship. But for her? She didn’t really mean to be a part of a physical activity with him. At one point, they did it, although she wasn’t mentally prepared to have sex for the very first time with a guy.

After taking a deep breath, Isha took the marker pen that was placed on the table below the mirror’s frame.

‘I’m not seeking for a life she deserves, this is all about me. Only me!’

Writing this in an orderly fashion on the mirror, her eyes were filled with tears. She laughed out loudly at those scripts she had written and went back to the lucid-stately memories years back she had with her dad. 

22nd July 2012
07:30 am

“Isha! Open the door. Hello…”, Robin yelled from outside of the room, though only the stagnant sound of the moving clock’s needle was heard from inside. Robin felt something went wrong regarding the atmosphere he had been facing there, and hence pulled the door from outside to break the chains his sweet daughter had kept. 

It wasn’t the right moment for a lovely dad to see her daughter’s lifeless body dangled on a strong piece of rope there! At one corner of the room, his young daughter’s randomly scribbled words were shining in a very meaningful pattern in the mirror. Perhaps, it included everything as a description against what she was…

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I love you! ❤

‘Never let anyone know that you’re mine’, she said to Kim. 

‘Nope! I won’t. Don’t worry about it, dear one’, Kim exaggerated.

They moved to Reetha’s dining room along with a bottle of homemade wine and a number of candles. She looks so energetic, happy and beautiful today. It’s been over 2 or 3 months, they are thinking about to arrange a session; where only Kim and Reetha are present, and which is especially meant for sharing a secret. A secret which can bring a strong bond of love, care and trust between them. The richness of pleasure and happiness that two genders will feel about each other for a special feeling! In fact, they were unknown about the origin and growth of this awesome feeling ages since. But yesterday, the day which has finally put a gaudy impact of this feeling on both of them. Yes, it’s always a sacred moment for 2 twin souls who truly admired and lived for each other so long. In fact, they are in love!! 🙂 🙂

Reetha arrange the yummy dinner items she has prepared on the table, whereas Kim is so busy in talking about his most recent business consignment on the phone. After an hour, Reetha in a gorgeous outfit, calls Kim to have the dinner in a very romantic way. He hasn’t seen her like this never before. For him, she was everything except as a lover. But the question is, ‘What’s so special about her for me now? Her overt beauty has conquered me into a symbolic love. Why? Am I getting weird here?’

‘Kim…! Come on. It’s getting late’, she calls him in a bit angry manner.

‘Oh! Yeah. I’m sorry, Honey. You look stunningly awesome in this red saree today.’, he replied her back with a polite look.

‘I see…! I thought you already knew that your bestie is so special and beautiful always. It’s a strange fact to accept that my dear one was unfamiliar about it. Whatever it is, come to the dining hall. It’s getting late’, she alarmed him again by raising her voice a bit.

Together they moved to the dining hall with already prepared items one by one from the kitchen. 

‘You just sit down on the chair. I have got something special to show ya here’, she said.

He sits on the chair, eagerly waiting for her turn for a special event. She turns around and moves to the other corner of the dining table for the introduction of that special thing. Suddenly, the light in the room falls off! 

*Match stick fires*

With a sweet smile, Reetha lightened the candles placed on the candle stand which is kept at the center of the table. The darkness in the room starts to fade with the introduction of that clandestine light. She serves the food to Kim in a random fashion, and takes food in her plate for herself and sits on the other side of Kim. While taking food, their eyes crosses for a couple of minutes and Kim starts to look at her eyes with a deeper mind set. 

‘Hey! What happened to you? Haven’t you ever seen me before?’

N..o..! Nothing, dear.’

‘Huh? Nothing? Something left wrong with you, Babe. Tell me! What happened?’

‘Are you sure about it?’

‘Hell ya! I wish this wasn’t our first time talk. This is Reetha, your bestie, Mr.’

‘I’m damn serious here! Stop moping me.’

‘Hey! What made you this much serious, Kim? Will you please share the utter serious thing out to me?’

Uhhhh…! I don’t know what actually it is.’

‘Come on…!! It’s you who has been kidding me now’

‘Nope! I don’t think so. I said I’m too serious about this. Please do understand me, Reeth!’

‘Well! Don’t reveal out the matter to me then. It’s okay. You just leave the topic and help me to keep these plates in the kitchen.’

‘Hmm…! I’ll… But I need to talk with ya after that. Okay?’

‘Sure! Do what I said now.’

After completing her work in the kitchen, she comes back to the visitors hall where Kim is scribbling on a short piece of paper.

‘So tell me the matter! I had got the notification that dad and mom will reach back home within half an hour. You should have to leave before their arrival.’

‘Indeed! Don’t take me wrong after hearing me’

‘Please do tell me what you have in your mind! We don’t have enough time to spare’

Reetha…! It seems I’m in love with you’

‘Excuse me?’

‘Yeah, Gal! I’m in deep love with you’


Kim suddenly rises up from his bed and the curious dream when a sturdy storm hit and breaks the glass window of the room. He takes his mobile phone from the table beside and yelled at the image of a girl who wears a red saree which he took on the very last night. 

‘She will never be my best friend anymore! I really do miss ya loads now, My girl.’