My Love

My Love

I wish for a closer hug from her heart

Not just a disdainful one,

But an unforgettable glib forever.

I wish to keep her eyes closer to mine

Not just for fun,

But to show her my love forever.

I wish to kiss on her lips

Not just a romantic one,

But as a conspicuous moment forever.

I wish to remain under her illustrious shadow

Not for a melodramatic sequence,

But as an infatuated fare forever.

We wish to lead our life together

Not to show others that we are in relationship,

But to live and love each other in those eloquent days together.

Unassailable Delineation

When they stares at him with a comprehensive look,

Where he was unable to face the worst situation;

Which was all because of the vicarious moments passes through his sights.

Someone hits his head-back with an tenuous rod,

And he gets failed in-front of the agony of countable mutinous fellows,

Where this innocent guy’s mind is seeking for her presence.

He couldn’t make any anxious changes for her,

But some comfortable and profound peep for himself.

Blood sheds spatters through his body in an inexplicably way.

The final hit makes him unconscious;

Which leads to an unsaturated abomination for someone.

She comes with a secularism and looks at him in an irrelevant unhinges;

And trespassed in to the corner besides him.

Drops of tears flushed her insights,

While reminding the days she has shared with him.

But it wasn’t well enough for the renovation of her lovely sweet heart.