Invasive Kindred

“Who would be the King-makers of all these glittering beauties?”

Rhythmic stars who hides under the glory of sunshine,

And evinces in the whole-night with the darkness;

Chuckles along each-other till the beginning of an innovative morning.

It would be a short-span of time for me to have a contact with them.

But still happy enough for being a part of their community,

Where uncountable vagrant glittering beauties,

Who always laughs and shines at me.

It serves me at-least some sort of pleasure,

Or may be some sort of wide-prolific thoughts,

That could shatter my mind into a world of question-marks.

Note: It’s being after a short-while, I’m back to blogging world with a new web name, which was a provident action from me I guess. Hope I could share a pretty interesting post about the reason behind my unoccupied situation over here in one of my upcoming posts. LOL. 😀  Anyway, it was only because of this 6 days of short-gap, I came to know in detail about few of my friends in WP family, who usually inquired about the disappearance of my lil blog related activities during these days. I’m always obliged to have you all here for the kind support and encouragement you serve me. May the good god’s blessings with you all always. Have a great time ahead.Cheers.\m/ 🙂


Auxiliary Incrustation

Lapsing through the wonders in life always serves him sensational images;

And multi-lateral approaches through the glimpse of fallacious thoughts.

He used to have keen looks around the dreary mid-night stars;

Hate himself for being inside in class for long schedules;

Keeps on having regular chats with the dear one’s;

Supports his dear one’s for what-ever they do or did,

Whether it’s right or wrong.

Sometimes he may be an arrogant or rough or strident or a flamboyant guy,

Which actually depends on the mood and conditions he follows.

He mayn’t be a lovable son for his parents;

But a crazy minded teen for themselves.

Experiences and unlikely moments helps him to yelp and smile;

At least for the sake of his near-one’s.

This is what he focuses through his own short span of life in this wide world;

Where he is still not young enough to know everything.