Smile Please

Smile Please

Look at the camera!

Smile please, if you can.

The lights went off…

Photo Credits: My sister’s cam! 😛


State of coolness!

Follow the cloud nine images

Joined by mere shiver

Auxiliary Incrustation

Lapsing through the wonders in life always serves him sensational images;

And multi-lateral approaches through the glimpse of fallacious thoughts.

He used to have keen looks around the dreary mid-night stars;

Hate himself for being inside in class for long schedules;

Keeps on having regular chats with the dear one’s;

Supports his dear one’s for what-ever they do or did,

Whether it’s right or wrong.

Sometimes he may be an arrogant or rough or strident or a flamboyant guy,

Which actually depends on the mood and conditions he follows.

He mayn’t be a lovable son for his parents;

But a crazy minded teen for themselves.

Experiences and unlikely moments helps him to yelp and smile;

At least for the sake of his near-one’s.

This is what he focuses through his own short span of life in this wide world;

Where he is still not young enough to know everything.