An Aisle Of Lightness

Darkness in a coward, a reprobate from ages

went through a satanic path.

The truth is hidden in an eye’s cage,

screaming still in a closed state.

Light in a rebel, a ruling artist,

his renowned enemy believes

in his holiness, and thus leaving

in a crucial path.

Perhaps, they’re always one with two faces,

trying to convey what they know

for the rest- a real disguised world.

Accept them, the one will exist..

The Other dwelling within a jiffy of sins;

pounds of strings praising his wins..

Once, they were none for us,

but then we killed us for them.

PS: This is a group-blogging work that I’ve written together with Viditi Bhargava, an aspiring Engineering student from Delhi, India. For me, she is a peaceful soul who’s a lot of foolish thoughts like me in her mindset and the one who is perfectly fine to mingle such thoughts at any time through her writings, especially via poetry. If you haven’t ever been through her simple blog space, have a look at it here.

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Down through my heart;

Curtains raised up awfully

With some messages.


State of coolness!

Follow the cloud nine images

Joined by mere shiver

I need a CHANGE!

My mind is wandering around the unexplainable corners of life,

Where I couldn’t find anyone besides me.

Is this what we call as loneliness,

Or an obfuscate feeling in human-life.

I couldn’t control my-self from the wide penurious thoughts,

Where I’m the only person who have to survive.

Nothing goes right or wrong these days,

All because of this highly expletive ruinous feelings.

I need a meticulous CHANGE from this portentous life,

Or a serene HOPE about the stony devoid in front of me.




Expeditious Relationship!

She stares at me for the first time,

That hits my heart like a bruising spatula.

The reason behind this keen look,

Would be just some dainty misunderstandings she has on me.

But it did not  hurts or provokes me,

Through the words of fire over her.

I’m so much lucky enough to have a partner like her,

Who has a sovereign equality with me.

She will always be there within me,

Whether there is happiness or sadness appears in our life.

It’s all because of her,

I’m being in this world to capture the snaps of real life.