When everyone laughs at him,

He stings at one corner of the room.

No one knows what happened to him,

How can he deal with it,

Nor the reason behind his edgy mood.

He is a little odd,

With a battered attitude,

Unsociable contacts with others,

And, hence, more shy today.

Even in this agonizing situation,

I personally do wish for a positive change for him.

Come on! This is the right time for your madness.

Don’t scream like a common man.

If you can,

Judge yourself for being a part of a strange world.

Acerbic Life

When the agonizing unexpected events laughs at me,

It might dig himself into the firearms of pains,

Kills me with its deep discordant intensity,

And the mordant glory of sadness strikes throughout his ways.

Sooner or later, some winsome questions arise in his mind!

How could this happen again and again for me?

Am I such an unlucky human being?

Will this haunt me all along my life?

Where were you my hidden unflattering ALMIGHTY?

Are you a FACT or NOT?

Or else, shall I have to make a realistic END or NOT?


It was an inscrutable flaky place for me,

Where someone HATES me for an UNCONDITIONAL reason,

Which hits my mind along  with the vagary oriented thoughts.

I don’t care about her,

Since she is a new fellow being in our old gang.

But what made me to think along the TWISTED CORNERS of my heart is,

All about my olden and closest ones,

Who had questioned me without knowing the real fact behind this issue.

Is this what we call FRIENDSHIP of REAL or FAKE quality?

The whole night of mine was scuffed by her rubbish visuals,

Where I had a discomfort in having a nap.

What I actually needs to tell her is,




Impious Thoughts

It was on that bright sunny day,

I was supposed to see an inadvertent situation of pillage.

Someone hits a demented old man around the corners of a public road,

Where the whole crowd besides them were pretended to inquire about it.

He hits with a baleful piece of iron rod on that old man’s head,

Kicks him like a hipped fellow of suspended mental thoughts.

It  extends like a melodrama in front of the swiftly walking crowd,

And came to an end as the NATURAL death of that poor old man,

Which was an unarmed news seen on the next day daily newspaper. 

Note: Actually this was a REALITY that had happened in India few months back. The most harsh fact behind this share is that, here the “old man and he”  refers to “father and son” respectively. The reason behind this crooked crime was the inability of a son to take care of his father, who was following his sickly extended old-age days. This would always be an unbearable as well as unbelievable dreadful news that I had ever read. 😦 😦