Pretentious Facade

Right through the middle of my heart,
She pours her limpid feelings,
The radiant glory of love on me.
I doubt, why she does love me today?
We were apart for years,
Makes no sense for others!
In fact, there was a reason,
An oblivious one,
With a staple thread,
That compels her to hate me.
But the same conditions persists,
And I’m still the world’s best fool!

I do not know why she still believes
After all what I put her through
You would think the heart would bleed
You would think the heart will kill
And still she smiles
And still she winks
My heart wonders
My brain curses
Was all the pretense in vain?
Did she see through my game?
As I ponder at my foolishness,
She smiles at my thoughts
Will she pick me again?
Or is she gearing for a new start?

PS: A group blogging post that I did together with Shruti Fatehpuria from Calcutta, India. Well, she is an Engineer by profession and love being known as a poetry writer. She has a number of beautifully written poetries on her blog and those who haven’t ever visited her blog can check it out here:

Well, it’s such a great pleasure for me to work together with ya and I’m eagerly looking forward to work on the next ASAP, Shrutiji. Have a good day. God bless. xoxo


Can’t let go?

I saw him standing there
With a smile on his face
churns my heart

Words can’t explain the beats I feel
Cause my heart sings a new song
And it tells something special,
Special to sparkle my face…

I don’t know who is she?
Why we always meet up coincidentally in our unending paths?
How could she attract me;
Though we haven’t talked directly yet?
I’m confused!
Am I in love,
Or is this just an infatuation I’ve on her?

I want to know what he is like…
He turns and gives that sided smile
Once again, my heart pounds
This time he stares
Taking my breath away
Does it sound crazy?
Cause here I smile, the clumsy one
And there spins my world.

No! I can’t hide before her beauty anymore.
Whatever it is, who cares?
I’m not sure whether she’ll?
But me?
Yeah! This exactly sounds somewhat crazy.
If she is my Aphrodite,
Then what’s so wrong there in my thoughts?
Love or lust?
It’s my turn and…
I prefer the best in you, Love!

PS: My 2nd group blogging post which is another duet that reflects the flow of romance as the main tag! But this time, I’ve done the group blogging task with Jensy who is a blogger from Karnataka, India and has got close connections with my state as well. Actually, I knew her at the beginning of my blogging days itself and it’s really a great pleasure for me to express my little thoughts with her over here. I really enjoyed the time we had together and thank you so much spending your valuable time with me for this work, Jensy. She is a very wise poet and those who haven’t ever known this young girl yet can check out her awesome blog space here:

Am I fool enough to say, Facebook is just a social network only?

When I hear my name ‘Rahul Ashok’, the first thought that comes to me is the visual of my timeline with an updated profile picture and notifications at the top. Facebook has given me an identity since when I started to love it! This is my own world, as I always write in my profile. But what if Facebook takes people away from me, step by step?
Is it showing or reminding me that those friendships were built in it and hence it has all right to take that off as a whole??

My own world!

 Let me hit at the reason of writing this. The immediate cause is the ‘close friends’ option introduced by Facebook. While editing the list, I got confused with certain names, as some are too close to me (I think), but never bother to see me on Facebook. I got an unknown prick of nostalgia that made me check my last year on Facebook, the updates that I had written, the persons who had commented, the style of mocking at each other for fun, the kind of person I was then… It took me back…so long back to the grey shaded yesterdays… The present had no possessiveness on me as I could easily slip away in my magical time machine. Once I started to go through it from back to front, I had my eyes filled, seeing certain names very much alive there. Slowly, it started to suffocate me with lots of memories and the difference that it has with the present. I didn’t feel to see to that any more, as I was breaking out with blocked feelings. For me, Facebook isn’t just a social media for me to share some statuses, friendly chats( With known’s and unknown’s), playing games and all. It’s exactly a creative world put forward by myself, where the control is owned under my hands. 🙂 \m/

I should say that those two persons whom I always refer to as my right and left were gifted by Facebook.:)

 I remember it with all thanks for the two persons whom I always refer to as my right and left were gifted by Facebook. And the huge circle that completes us was welded together with the magic of networking. We used to exchange words in this same platform in any of our walls everyday. We used to make fun of some persons in our gang, the chance kept rolling. Mostly I was the joker and I hug those moments close to heart. As time passed by, some people started to get recognised by public getting into film industry and we all used to rejoice over that. While thinking of those days, I still feel the happiness that we felt being together. Now at this point of time, I realise that I have lost them on Facebook. And they ask me whether I am not still satisfied with a good number of followers. Even when there are huge number of likes or comments in my profile, I miss them in each of what I put there. Most of the times, I search in even the ‘like’ list to find their names in it. My likes or comments get drowned without a response in their profiles as well. Some friends even scold me for appearing in their walls in each of their updates regularly so that other people notice that. So I tend to be silent there, for better. Sometimes, I click on their names and see whether they are online or whether they have updated round that time, and I madly wish that they come to my status as a gang and start commenting there with the old fun. But that doesnt happen, unfortunately, anytime. And I don’t hope that the old time will ever come back again.  I had discussed this with some people in the gang. Some say that they are too busy with many things and they don’t log into Facebook much. ‘Busy’, I believe, is mostly a made-up word, to hide some other reasons behind. Even if you are busy, if you have the real passion to hold a relationship, you will find time to exchange a word, or show a concern even if it is momentary. That matters in a large scale.You never know how lonely the other person is, without you. Feel proud that there are people who wait for you, who search for you, who miss you in your long absence, who turn pages of those good moments together cherishing each… 🙂 🙂

Facebook teaches me, how to expose some hasty thoughts through statuses! 😀 😛

From being friends in Facebook, some relationships grow beyond networking. But we tend to forget the steps behind as we move forward. Once the e- mail id is there, we tend to start chat and forget each other’s Facebook profiles where you were active. Once the phone number is with us, we tend to forget the FB, email and whatever was behind. And getting regular on phone gives us a feel that the other person is just a call away and easily accessible. Slowly the frequency of calls come down and fades away. They never ping on mail, never keep in touch in any of the networks, doesn’t even bother to see what we ‘mentioned’ about them. And you forget that the other person is only and just only a call away, in another essential sense. Relationships keep on changing, when people start to become ‘taken for granted objects’. Even some gets married though! I had read somewhere that everything is most valuable only twice- before getting it, and after losing it. My close friends are those whom I had almost lost here. 🙂

This is not a story of mine alone, but this process is going on with every active person on Facebook, I bet. With this post, I want to remind you of certain people in your old days. Think that someone will be doing this same thing for you too. Try to send a word to those who used to be parts of your regular thoughts, even when you have a handful of new faces with you. I wish you think of them once you finish reading this. 🙂

Am I right?? 😀 🙂

I may appear as a fool to you, for taking such a matter for writing as a blog post. 😛 😀 Many of those who can see their faces in between these words may find it irritating and may discuss about how embarrassing I am. May be tomorrow I will regret for this writing thinking of my silliness, but I will never feel regret with what I wrote here and how I felt for each word in this. It came right from my heart with all the sincerity in it. It was just because, I had a quiet natural feeling that, “I miss you, my dear friends…”

Thank you Mr.Mark! 🙂

I would like to thank, Mark Zuckerberg for lending away such a wonderful gift to the whole world! You are the mahn…
Hat’s off to you… 🙂 \m/


Teenage love!

Seems this must be the most apt topic that I can write to any extent. Not only me! For each and every teenager like me would have the same opinion as I expressed above. I’m just 18 years old. I know myself well from the age of 10. It means both physically and mentally,the changes happening over me. It’s a matter of fact that the ludicrous secretion of some hormones resulted in notable changes over my whole body at the age of 14 on-wards. The most weird feeling that I felt was attraction!!Male-Female attraction. Am not sure whether you people are getting bored in reading this interminable spoke outs since all these are just natural facts. Only “Natural Facts” that every one must know. Isn’t it?? 😛 😀

 Let me come to our topic! Before that I would like to tell you one thing. I’m not a perfect person to reveal out heavy didactic about the topic. This is a write up by a 18 years old boy only. But still,I have got my own views and knowledge about the topic with in this age. Not so elaborate,but not simple too it shows.

Friends are always special for every one! 🙂

“A friend in need is a friend indeed”

This quote really matters here. These compelling closeness are the result of unique routes between them during the days or months or years of connections. As an individual,my childhood friends and teenage sweethearts experienced all the wonderful, sadness, boring, and embarrassing moments with eachother that helped to make me who I’m today. Actually my attitude,personality and all depends on my relationship with friends too. I just realized it actually when I become a teenager. 🙂 
When I became a teenager, my parents  regarded these relationships as insignificant. They always got doubted in having close relationship with friends.Especially “Girl Friends”. I don’t know why they people supposed to think so always?? I know,they are now in such a position after having the same past that we people are in right now. But i would like to confess this truth to all parents….!

“A boy and girl can be friends for ever” 🙂 🙂

Even right now,an amazing incident happened at my own home. I was having a bath and my phone rang in between.Mom took the call. It was Silpa,a friend of mine,who called me to en-quire about some exam schedules. When i came back,mom was going on asking me who is this Silpa? Why she called me in this noon time?Bla bla blas……
Still telling you mom! She is my friend. Why you hesitate to believe that?
(In between,it was a harsh decision from my parents that they have restricted night calling with friends.) 

Whether it’s a boy or girl,friendship can’t be regarded or renewed in new meanings. Let me ask you one question! Is a friend as interchangeable as a new toy for an old one or is there more to relationship than that? Why are we so elated to rediscover long-lost friends in our adult years if, as some parents believe, they were so dispensable to us as children????

Here I’m going to reveal out some exceptions. LOL. Parents question the ability of teenagers to know what love is????Yet they accept their teenagers statements:
“I love you, Mom & Dad”
With full appreciation and at face looks. If they accept the truth that teenagers can love their parents truly,then why can’t they also accept that teen romances and all are true love??? 🙂
DATING!That’s what going on recently in between the teens. It’s actually meant for some sort of fun in between boy-girl or girl-boy. But i came to know something really interesting that nowadays,a term named dating is also happening in between a boy-boy and girl-girl.So sad. The age of puberty, however has dropped. Whatever the reasons for this, reaching puberty influences the age of first love and first sexual experience. Today’s teenagers date not for mate selection,but for fun!! 

 “Don’t worry! Lovers  are like buses… a new one comes along every ten minutes!” This is what actually a flirting mind is…. I hate this opinion always. No matter what others thinks about me!

Let me conclude it! First love and young love is indeed real love. This does not come along every ten minutes(Specially dedicated this to current teenager thoughts). For some people, it may come only once in a lifetime. 🙂 🙂

Thank you,
Rahul Ashok