I Miss Her

She prolonged her wish

to go for a journey

across the itching-mountain

to get relived from the spinny,

odd means, she has… these days.

I never knew, but I regret

for what I said,

or still unsaid, that day.

I allowed her to stay away,

at least for a few days from me;

the time speak and behave

like a slayer in the mirror to me.

I can’t… I can’t carry this anymore;

I love her, and yes, I feel the annoyance

of being without her..

the void-space she left

for herself out there… 

Photo Credits: Google Images

Inconceivable Oppression!

Mutual understandings always matters in a relationship!

I don’t know, how deeply was in love with you.
I was like a child, under an enchanting magic spell,

who can’t batter any stamps, without your commands.
My life was outstretched in a slackness, under your hands.
You dissects my heart with those glaring moments,
we had in that joyful and rational days.
But the crooked pungent thoughts, made me to
subvert the resplendent sharpness of our relationship.

Beginning of discredits is the remnant of a RELATIONSHIP!

It was all because of your perfidy on me,
leads to the ruin of our whole omnipresent foliage’s.
Please don’t rouse me anymore,
with the slashes you trespassed in our wonderful days.
I still have regrets about the way you felt,
was just an inexplicable fault.
You are nothing else than a vacant pinnacle for me now.
I’m valiant enough to know,
how immensely can I rescind about you from my heart.
Don’t embrace me with those vagary sputters anymore!