When ‘ice’ & ‘warmth’ gets closer!

No one cared about her,

Even her adopted mom who has flown over heights.

She was shy,



Instructive minded,

And a versatile soul.

Once her agile connivance attracts me,

I proposed her with a wish of an erratic lover.

She rejects it at first,

But accepts it during my second attempt.

We walked all through the nebulous paths,

Shared our medley dreams together,

Crossed our hands in the meadow,

Allowing the glittering flashes of sunlight to pass via voids in between,

She hugged me like an exotic charm,

I too,

Adore my love with fingers on her face.

My honey is in an avid mood for something more,

More than ‘more’,

Wish to melt as an ice in the warmth of my heart,

Kill me without any sort of pain,

Showers over me with her enticement.

She placed her angst in my soul and tell me,

I love ya loads,

I love ya more than anything.

Is this what we call as a miracle?

I looked at her repressive eyes over my head,

Looking forward to feel something more,

She adjourns her lips to mine,

And eyes closed,

Fingers closed.


Waking up from an odious life,

Was a supercilious foster for him.

Suddenly, he faced a limpid glory along his implacable path.

The glaring sparks pierced in to his heart like a tornado.

It was an emboldening flame,

That reveals the goblet of interminable norms.

He cannot utter anymore about,

The worst and lustful penitent numbs on those acridity days.

Thinking about the guilty past,

Had made him to amend the faults he seeps away.

Sacred glory radiates the lusting declivity in a hustle way.

Finally, he gets renovates in to a hopeful obvious life with much pacification.