Fool’s Creation

He is a fool!

An indolent laughing stock for others.

His mad thoughts,

Unwitting mind,

Strange look,

Disorderly behavior,

Idle character,



The ability to show inconclusive,

Abrupt stupidity for no reason;

Every inert situation

Keeps him alone among others.

They always say, he is abnormal!

He can’t become a brave human being,

At least a morally good soul.

If they can accept his madness,

Why do they hate his heart to heart outputs?

Feelings and emotions can break any rules,

But why can’t they break their foolish judgement about him?

Never say you’re one among them!

It’ll definitely break one’s heart,

Who has creations which can truly inspire the world.

Wait for his turn;

Don’t spend your time for him though.

I really don’t know,

Who is actually a fool?

Who is normal and abnormal here?

If the world needs him,

And he deserves the world,

No one except he can stop him!!

Irretrievable May 2012!

This would be my last blogging post for this month, May 2012! So today, I’m not going to post any prose or poem about a specific topic for updating. Since May 2012 had given me some memorable events and achievements, I must share it with you no? I’ll be glad enough to share that all with my own blogging family over here. It’s not just some resonant words of expression from me. I mean it really. You people have deep-rooted my ideas and creativity to a new extent through your likes and comments on each and every post of mine. And it’ll be interesting for me to have a back through about this month like a spate though. This will favour my brain cells to reset and remind about the most memorable events happened especially on this month I guess. 😀 🙂

I’m 19 years old now! 😀 🙂

The most substantial event happened was my birthday on May 13th itself! It was one of the loveliest birthdays;I have ever celebrated with my cousin brothers. We had a heavy BLAST out there at Kochi on 12th May 2012. Chilled profoundly under, hotly scuffed environment whole day. Reached home back after having the late night hanging outs and I was just amazed to attend a call in between. My phone rang with beeps in addition! I took the phone and saw an unknown number in my gadget’s small screen. “Hello…..”-I said. No response from the other side. Same prank happened for more than 4 times again on that late night. Even I secluded it for some time, later on I have started calling back. But no one gave a positive response from the other end. “The number you are calling now is currently not reachable. Please try again later”-a gal told me in a sweet and melodious voice. “How dare you told that the number I’m calling is currently not reachable?? Bloody crooked ass”- Curiosity in me provoked me to think so. I didn’t even attend the calls or messages from my other pals, who needs to convey their wishes though. But the anger in me rose all because of the unknown number hooted like hell. Finally, I got a response via voice mail from that unknown number at 11:58 pm.

Who is that?

“Hai Kuttaaaa….! I’m so sorry to do such a mischief on you (just for a formality I know). Many many happy returns of the day dear….My birthday gift for you is waiting  under our table. Take it soon! Convey my wedding anniversary wishes to Dad and Mom too.”-OMG! It was my sissaji. But her wish doesn’t matters on that situation I guess! Yup…I forgot my dad and mom’s 23rd wedding anniversary. Felt I was drowning over somewhere after hearing that. Bit ASHAMED to hear that from my sissa, who is almost 900 kilometres away from me? It’s really weird no? So sad to make a notch for this time that, I couldn’t affirm them a small gift for tomorrow. Anyway, I have decided to wake up as early as possible on next day morning.

Oyieeeeee! It is 13th May…A special day for our small family. Woke up at 5:30 in the morning! After having my usual habitats, went to temple and church. That must be the most valuable gift I can give to my dad and mom. “May they lead a life full of happiness, joy and some sorrows like this for many years”-It sounded in my heart. Later, I came back to home and searched for the gift under my table put by sissa. It was a small, but a memorable gift that I ever got from her. A small printed tea-cup and a birthday card. I liked it well anyway. Love you sissajii…. 🙂 :). We spent the remaining valuable hours of that special day by visiting cousins home and watching a Mallu flick. It was an awesome day I spent with my dad and mom ever. Still, I missed my sissa a lot in that occasion.

I love blogging…! 🙂 🙂

Now, let’s go through another event which took place during this month! It’s none other than BLOGGING itself. LOL. 😀 :D. It was on this month, creation of “Insight-This is my own world” activated publicly. I have started blogging in WordPress from the beginning of this month onwards. At first, it was just a part-time activity for me to convey some of my ideas and thoughts here. But that was just an offal sense of mine at that instant it seems , since I know how far Rahul Ashok loves blogging right now….I’m not able to outspoken it clearly. Hope you all know the reason well. :D. Within this period, I have achieved three honors; The Sunshine Award, The Beautiful Blogger Award and The Commentator Award. I’m taking this as an approval of accepting me in this world by you people. 🙂
For me, 

“Blogging isn’t just a media for you to share some creative posts made by yourself. In addition, blogging is all about meeting new peoples in the blogosphere, brings lots of knowledge about anything, you can open your own services to offer various type of customization, freelancing services and all. It’s a new world fascinated by a group of people in general.”

Love you all…! 🙂

Except posting some of my prose’s or poems, I was supposed to meet some of the famous blogging personalities around the world starting from Megan, Naima, Bunmi, Soumya….etc….etc….till Roshni, who is a keralite I met recently. I’m so glad to have this peradventure tag as a blogger which roused me to tilt on a streak full way of wonderful creations. Damn sure that our blogging world provides us an ingenious and utilitarian address around the real world. Be always proud to be known as a WordPress member. Our world is ATTRACTIVETREMENDOUS and PRACTICABLE ONE for all with the conception we own. Have a great day ahead my dear blooms. Love you all… 🙂 

Teenage love!

Seems this must be the most apt topic that I can write to any extent. Not only me! For each and every teenager like me would have the same opinion as I expressed above. I’m just 18 years old. I know myself well from the age of 10. It means both physically and mentally,the changes happening over me. It’s a matter of fact that the ludicrous secretion of some hormones resulted in notable changes over my whole body at the age of 14 on-wards. The most weird feeling that I felt was attraction!!Male-Female attraction. Am not sure whether you people are getting bored in reading this interminable spoke outs since all these are just natural facts. Only “Natural Facts” that every one must know. Isn’t it?? 😛 😀

 Let me come to our topic! Before that I would like to tell you one thing. I’m not a perfect person to reveal out heavy didactic about the topic. This is a write up by a 18 years old boy only. But still,I have got my own views and knowledge about the topic with in this age. Not so elaborate,but not simple too it shows.

Friends are always special for every one! 🙂

“A friend in need is a friend indeed”

This quote really matters here. These compelling closeness are the result of unique routes between them during the days or months or years of connections. As an individual,my childhood friends and teenage sweethearts experienced all the wonderful, sadness, boring, and embarrassing moments with eachother that helped to make me who I’m today. Actually my attitude,personality and all depends on my relationship with friends too. I just realized it actually when I become a teenager. 🙂 
When I became a teenager, my parents  regarded these relationships as insignificant. They always got doubted in having close relationship with friends.Especially “Girl Friends”. I don’t know why they people supposed to think so always?? I know,they are now in such a position after having the same past that we people are in right now. But i would like to confess this truth to all parents….!

“A boy and girl can be friends for ever” 🙂 🙂

Even right now,an amazing incident happened at my own home. I was having a bath and my phone rang in between.Mom took the call. It was Silpa,a friend of mine,who called me to en-quire about some exam schedules. When i came back,mom was going on asking me who is this Silpa? Why she called me in this noon time?Bla bla blas……
Still telling you mom! She is my friend. Why you hesitate to believe that?
(In between,it was a harsh decision from my parents that they have restricted night calling with friends.) 

Whether it’s a boy or girl,friendship can’t be regarded or renewed in new meanings. Let me ask you one question! Is a friend as interchangeable as a new toy for an old one or is there more to relationship than that? Why are we so elated to rediscover long-lost friends in our adult years if, as some parents believe, they were so dispensable to us as children????

Here I’m going to reveal out some exceptions. LOL. Parents question the ability of teenagers to know what love is????Yet they accept their teenagers statements:
“I love you, Mom & Dad”
With full appreciation and at face looks. If they accept the truth that teenagers can love their parents truly,then why can’t they also accept that teen romances and all are true love??? 🙂
DATING!That’s what going on recently in between the teens. It’s actually meant for some sort of fun in between boy-girl or girl-boy. But i came to know something really interesting that nowadays,a term named dating is also happening in between a boy-boy and girl-girl.So sad. The age of puberty, however has dropped. Whatever the reasons for this, reaching puberty influences the age of first love and first sexual experience. Today’s teenagers date not for mate selection,but for fun!! 

 “Don’t worry! Lovers  are like buses… a new one comes along every ten minutes!” This is what actually a flirting mind is…. I hate this opinion always. No matter what others thinks about me!

Let me conclude it! First love and young love is indeed real love. This does not come along every ten minutes(Specially dedicated this to current teenager thoughts). For some people, it may come only once in a lifetime. 🙂 🙂

Thank you,
Rahul Ashok