I Miss Her

She prolonged her wish

to go for a journey

across the itching-mountain

to get relived from the spinny,

odd means, she has… these days.

I never knew, but I regret

for what I said,

or still unsaid, that day.

I allowed her to stay away,

at least for a few days from me;

the time speak and behave

like a slayer in the mirror to me.

I can’t… I can’t carry this anymore;

I love her, and yes, I feel the annoyance

of being without her..

the void-space she left

for herself out there… 

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One Last Time

Where are you, My love?

I kept waiting for you there..

Again and again..

So long…

To find my other part..

The one I cannot have…

But the one I really wish to have..

I turned back to walk

Still, I waited behind that bridge

Waiting for you..

Waiting for time to stop by..

That cold breeze made me numb

Yet I yearn to see your face

For one last time

PS: Yet another group blogging task together with Jensy George, The Girl With The Scorpion Tattoo. Yo yo! I always feel free to work along with her and let my simple thoughts flow so freely, especially with the romantic stuffs. It’s such a great pleasure to have a buddy like ya here, Girl. I would love to group blog with ya whenever it’s possible. If you haven’t ever been to her blog, have a look, Folks. 🙂

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– Rahul


When everyone laughs at him,

He stings at one corner of the room.

No one knows what happened to him,

How can he deal with it,

Nor the reason behind his edgy mood.

He is a little odd,

With a battered attitude,

Unsociable contacts with others,

And, hence, more shy today.

Even in this agonizing situation,

I personally do wish for a positive change for him.

Come on! This is the right time for your madness.

Don’t scream like a common man.

If you can,

Judge yourself for being a part of a strange world.


It’s time for me to stay away from them;

I know that they hate me.

My heart lacks the entirety of happiness,

Intentions about the rising future,

And the absurd visions which they have in me.

But I can’t enforce their dreams in me;

I don’t know why?

It’s time for me to stay away from them;

I know that they hate me much more than as before now.

My heart reveals the toxic nature,

Static visuals inside it,

And the angular strings of the sins I did.

But they haven’t ever tried to understand me;

I don’t know why?

Obtrusive Hopes

She holds my hands,

Looks at my eyes with the innocence of an unreserved child.

The agile beauty of the eyelashes,

Mordant glory of smile,

Venerable clarity by her chastity,

Gawks my inner heart of a lovely soul.

My hands arises,

And it touches her palpable face.

I slowly adjourn my imprecise desire,

Expresses it with an untrained HUG.

She hugs me back with a hardiness,

Which shows the bluish apparition of her TRUST on me.

“Being in a RELATIONSHIP isn’t only about finding a mate,

But it’s all about the EXPECTATIONS for unrelieved dreams in life.”