Review: Mumbai Police

Mumbai Police Movie – Malayalam, a psychopathic cum fiery investigative scripted flick which I have seen in Malayalam after such a long time. I don’t personally believe that there is anything special in the direction part by Rosshan Andrrews(considering the fact that Cassanova wasn’t a stabbing success in his career), major leading actors including Prithviraj (in as ACP Antony Moses) or Jayasurya (in as ACP Aryan John Jacob) and Rahman (in as CP Farhan). Even if I they garbed the police uniforms and known as Mumbai Police together as a ‘team’, I doubt whether they have done something inexplicable in this fab movie. Yeah! This is really a fabulous-enjoyable movie which a crazy Mallu movie viewer could fall in with. I was lil confused about, what or how to write a review about this movie? The reason behind it is a hectic factor though. 
For me, the most basic, but the counterpart during the interpretation of a good movie is its unbiased story itself. That’s what I have mentioned above! I mean, what’s so special while speaking about ‘Mumbai Police’? Story, uh? Yeah! Bobby-Sanjay combination has once again proved their deliberate epic symbol on the writing part and showed us that, they are inconclusively still awake for heating their brain cells for the audience. Hence, I’ll give the whole ratings and applauds to these 2 gentlemen, who have had worked so hard on generating a tonic story part and give us a very thoughtful piece of script.
You aren’t suiting well with the behavior and attitude of a police officer, Appu. Could have been much better, if you show the kind of tempestuous nature which is a must character for a police officer in the movie. It doesn’t mean, ya have disappointed the viewers in any way, but we are expecting enough from your inborn acting skills.

The BG score did by Gopi Sunder and cinematography by R. Diwakar were all set in an unbeatable quality for a  mystery tagged movie like this. 

VERDICT: A must watch one for the viewers, who could accept the hidden ‘realities‘ happening in our current society and appreciate this team as a whole for the courage they had put together in its making.

Review: Amen

‘Amen’– A pakka script based and wisely did flick from Mallu industry which I saw after crossing 2 and half months of this 2013 with uncountable numbers of star valued, big cum short budgeted raunchy movies. Yes! It’s after such a long while, I’m watching a memorable Malayalam movie which has truly touched my inner heart as a viewer or entertain me at its max for the bucks which I had spent in watching it. A movie with “very elateful humor-pragmatic story-divine romance-dominant locations-excellent crew-flamboyant cinematography-opportune music”, that all together makes this Lijo Jose Pellissery’s divine thread as an assorted one from the recently released flicks. The transformation of this young director is somewhat interesting though. He had tried action and mystery thrillers via ‘Nayakan’ and ‘City of God’, but this one? If he had taken that substantial gap meant for the making of a mixed chaste work, indeed, you did it, Gentleman. *HUGS*

I felt the unsurprising effort put by this Director Sir while choosing the actors and co-workers who all are a part of this project and everyone including a guest comer had done their level best in handling their roles well on this jejune village story. When it comes to Indrajith, he is going to become a trailblazer with this single project. You haven’t done a rookie character, but so touching-nondescript leading initiator throughout the movie in our arising Mallu field.

You could watch a senescent and shyness portrayed Fahad Faasil in this movie, which would be definitely a worth one in his career. The sensuality pictured Kalabhavan Mani, Swati Reddy debut into Mallu industry, Rachana Narayanankutty’s dogmatic styled acting, bits by Kulappulli Leela and all really worked well at every point of the movie.

The background score and music adopted also gave a distraught quality throughout while watching it. What made this movie ‘so’ special for me was the impact which it has put on me at the ‘end’ I guess? I was a bit uncomfortable with the giant cheering by various fan followers in the theatre when the movie was ON (PS: It doesn’t mean, I’m incompatible with all those theatre fun with these guys, but it wasn’t a right time for me at that instant). When it came to the end, the scabby overwhelming mind in me burst out fully for being a part of such a large crowd and flashed throughout here and there inside the theatre by the loud ring of applauding and overjoyed comments. Amen….! ❤

Verdict: MUST WATCH ONE especially during this Easter season!

She is COMING!

Hey fellas,

As you all know, I was dealing with a short movie project for the past few months and it finally got finished by the 1st week of this February. Well, while talking about “Obtrusive Hopes” in short, it is romance and mystery oriented movie. Actually, the thread behind this flick came to mind from that title itself. Better if I say, “Obtrusive Hopes” was one among the poetry which I had written from my little insights few months back in this blogging space. It was really a great memorable experience for me through this project and I learnt almost every corner of the difficulty while taking a movie. See that, what I’m mentioning here is all about the short movie of just 5 minutes duration! Perhaps, it would be much easier for us to complete the task if the locations we had selected were in indoor areas rather than outdoors. But what actually matters here is all about the rage EXPERIENCES I had in doing a very new stuff. I did really enjoy every part of the shooting schedules loads my 8 dear friends who were included in the crew list. The support and encouragement they showed on the location sites were exactly classy ones. Now, it’s time for us to party hard. 😀 😛 We are trying our level best to release it officially in YouTube and other popular media’s by the mid of March, 2013 so that promotion part and all can be done in a perfect way. Right now, I have only this much to share about. Have a good day ahead, Folks. God bless. Cheers.\m/ 🙂

PS: Here is the official Facebook page of our movie! Keep in touch with “Obtrusive Hopes” for her upcoming updates! 🙂

Obtrusive Hopes


Why Anjali Menon is so special for me?

I know, many among you’re so doubted with the title part of this post itself! “Anjali Menon? Who is she?”, a quiet, natural query that would come directly to your mind if she is a stranger to you;  I reckon, she is a familiar personality for every Mallu movie lover. Hence, for the ones who don’t know anything regarding her, let me narrate what I know about her briefly at first.

Anjali Menon, an Indian Movie Director- Script Writer who has created her own insignia in the Film Industry within a short span of time after releasing Manjadikkuru, her debuted Malayalam movie. She was born in Calicut, Kerala and grew up in Dubai in the later stages of her childhood for a few years and came back to Kerala in the later period. She has done her high school education in Calicut, Kerala and graduated with a degree in commerce from Providence Women’s College, Kerala. Later she did a graduation in communication studies and specialized in TV related production in Pune, India. It was during the year 2000, she has joined at the London Film School, specializing in Film Direction, and was awarded with overall distinction honors in directing and editing of a film.

I suppose, the description would surely propitiate you all to have a simple note regarding her. For me, Anjali Menon is not only a beautiful lady who has a pile of pure succulent magical threads in her creative-innovative thoughts that I’ve seen through her director’s talent in Manjadikkuru, though she is a pakka Mallu personality who’s a lot of memories to be shared regarding the strong bond of relationships and love between the common lives in Kerala. 

It was Manjadikkuru[Lucky Red Seeds], her first debuted movie in Malayalam, which deals with the tale of homecoming family members from the late 1970’s; the story goes through the eyes of Vicky, a 10 year old boy, arrives at his grandparents’ home in a rural area of Kerala to attend his grandfather’s funeral.  The whole members in family united together for a common ceremony after a long time, though it was for a funeral function and they gathered together for the sixteen day long Kerala’s traditional burial period. During this period, Vicky discovers more about himself, his family and culture than he had expected to. The journey later narrates through the adult lurks of Vicky, who returns to the same house for having some ingenuous espy about the past memories of his Grand parents home. He came as a young man (Pritivi) to visit the old grounds he’s in memories, and finds the ‘Lucky little seeds’ scattered away. Manjadikkuru serves me a lot of tentative influxes from Anjali about the ancient Kerala’s tradition and rituals. Even though I have studied the history behind our cultures, traditions and rituals existed here from my social studies text-book years back, it was a new experience for me to have a keen benevolent being through the realistic scenes of this flick. As she expatiated us (people in Kerala) with Manjadikuru [Lucky Red Seeds] only on May 2012, most of them aren’t familiar regarding the premiere of the movie at an International Film Festival and won the award for the Best Mallu Movie and Best Dubutant Director during the year 2008. In 2009, the movie bagged enough nominations for various honors, including 5 Grand Jury Awards – Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematographer and Best Emerging Talent at SAIFF venue, New York. Other than Manjadikkuru, she has written the story-script part for Anwar Rashid’s Usthad Hotel too. She isn’t the one who is running behind fame or money. You can’t see her any interviews or TV shows. She knows what, when, where and for whom to do.  That’s why, Anjali Menon is a great attitude marker for me, personally.  

Link to her blog:

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This is one among the top Mallu( Malayalam-an Indian language) song which excites and coheres my mind always! Pure luscious and luminous beats made this song an OUTSTANDING duke from Mallu music for all time. Hope, you all will enjoy hearing this primrose stuff. 🙂 🙂

Movie: Anwar(2010)

Music by: Gopi Sundar

Sung by: Shreya Ghoshal