When everyone laughs at him,

He stings at one corner of the room.

No one knows what happened to him,

How can he deal with it,

Nor the reason behind his edgy mood.

He is a little odd,

With a battered attitude,

Unsociable contacts with others,

And, hence, more shy today.

Even in this agonizing situation,

I personally do wish for a positive change for him.

Come on! This is the right time for your madness.

Don’t scream like a common man.

If you can,

Judge yourself for being a part of a strange world.

Advent of 2013

An apprehensive year of gestures has passed

Faltering strange incidents smiled at my days

Independent hoarse ruptures kicked the sacred path

I’m not a spiritless fellow with relieved dreams

When the hasty cinder burned me alive

I escaped from it through unsuited ways

But the dignity as an honor of immortality

Profundity of unrelieved thoughts keeps me still animated.

Finally, the year in which I suffered at most is going to end.  I wish that the New Year coming ahead will keep me alive to chase the congruent yens I had missed during this year. Thank you so much for considering my little ‘Insights in your daily reads. I’m so much glad to own a glittering space like this over here. Happy New Year to you all, Folks. May all your dreams come through via this year. Have a good time there. God bless. Cheers.\m/ 🙂