When You Miss Her?

“How can you sleep when you miss her at the most– still, you don’t know what to do?,” she asked him, lying on his widen chest.

He ceased drinking the bottle of wine he was having, kept it on the table adjacent to their bed, and stared at her eyes. She tightened her arms around his body, as much as she can, and waited for a sec to listen to him. He said, “Honey, I would, maybe, think of the priceless memories we had together. It’ll certainly hurt me– she’s miles away from me. But I know how it feels to be with her, at least in those limited pictures of her silliness I’ve captured by my mind. I know it. Because she knows it– how I feel about her, too.”

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A Year Ago

Because there was no other intention I had in mind when we met. Hence I had fallen in love with her simple words, then with her sparkling eyes, at first sight; but later, for her at second sight.

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She. He

She lies. Over me

I see. Another me

She cries. Eyes fade

I smile. Kisses shade

She thinks. Time stops

I wink. Word gasps

She writes. Ink’s chow

I read. Rhyme’s flow

She loves. My Owl

I love. Her soul

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Not Anymore… : Part 1

Not Anymore...

She departs away

Mind fades on its way

Where am I?

Can’t I sing

nor do I ping

On her life, a melody

that overset my mood’s

moody face, everywhere..

as long as we’re

living for us to gather..

*to be continued

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Twin Flame


















All together


For a flame


That burns


At every moment


In Us


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Her White Portrait

She mixed the improper proportions of red, green and blue, her favorite colors, in the wooden palette. While mixing the colors, the droplets of sweat, she had, on her forehead was swabbed away with the bed-sheet, she wore at that moment to hide her nudity. The window pane was wide open and the white- curtains fly in the face of wintry breeze as it trespassed her messy room like an unexpected visitor, that time. While painting on the pure black drawing sheet fixed on the palette, she fused the colors together again for the free flow of mixture using her other fine painting brush kept in the carton. As the time passed along with her brush’s movement, she suddenly heard a serene voice from behind. She stared at him for a while to know whether he’s sleeping finely, watching their common dreams on the bed which lies on the floor beneath her feet where she’s happily standing and painting, under their white blanket. After making sure that he’s asleep, she concentrated back on her work with an awe of him and stalked on her white portrait yet to be completed within the pure black drawing sheet.

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