A feather in one’s cap

I have been nominated for 2 awards by my 2 wonderful and brilliant fellows from this space in the beginning this new month of an innovative year of hopes and dreams which has to come through! Well, it was all because of my present busy schedules these days and some other personal issues, I was unable to look at its publication and hence I do apologize both of them for the delay in updating this award nomination post.

The award which I received at first was “Leiebster  Blog Award” from Soumya Dheedhi and Sofia, who are two among my favorite writers in this space. Soumya Dheedhi always do magic with the random poetry stuffs which expresses her well profound and mirthful contents. She can easily play with the normative words of expressions via her posts that strike every reader’s mind by the delicate opening of her thought provoking gleams. Now, a brief description about Sofia would be a bit hard job for me to share about I guess. She is SIMPLY ‘AWESOME’ in all respects as a writer who is especially concentrated in ‘ROMANTIC’ supremacy. I came to know about her ONLY by the end of ‘2012’ or birth of ‘2013’ it seems. What makes her PERFECT as a writer is the variety of contents she used to share for her readers itself. As a reader whenever I see her update in my mail account, there exists some keen curiosity in me for knowing about the contents she has added during this time! If you’re searching for kinda dandy articles, I strongly suggest Sofia’s world for it.

As per the rules provided for receiving of this award, I must have to answer some interesting queries attached to it.

1. What makes you happiest?  

Whenever I used to think about my days with my dear and near ones.

2. Do you love the Ocean or the Mountains more? 

I do love Mountains for a better refreshment cause of its silent atmosphere.

3. What has been your favorite moment of 2012?  

With my sister during Onam vacation.

4. What is your favorite quote and why? 

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.
John F. Kennedy

A thought provoking quote which serves +ve hope in life!

5. Do you like yourself?  

101%! 😉

6. Do you stay up till the Stroke of Midnight on New Years Eve?  

Of course!

7. Something you wish you get it done ASAP?  

The short-film project which I’m doing now.

8. What was your favorite class while still in school?  

Social studies.

9. What musical instrument have you tried to learn to play?  


10. Anything you wish you had learned earlier?

The skill of MIMICRY!

11. Do you like to do crafts or draw or even paint?  


Here are my nominees:

* http://matronbell.wordpress.com/

* http://thewhyaboutthis.com/

* http://kattermonran.com/

* http://lilyincanada.wordpress.com/

* http://myweekendfoodexperiments.wordpress.com/

“The Beautiful Blogger Award” was the 2nd one for which I have been nominated from Sofia again. I’m so much obliged to receive this honor too from you, wise lady. As per the rules, I have to state 7 random facts about me and you could check it out here in my Audible Facts page. The nominees for which I’m going to give this award are:






Thank you so much, Soumya Dheedhi and Sofia for passing me these glittering nomination tag! I’m so much obliged to receive it from both of you. Congratulations to all who got nominated as well. Have a great time ahead for all of you, WP blooms. God bless. Cheers.\m/ 🙂