Review: Motor Cycle Diaries

“Let the world change you, then you can change the world”

First of all, my heartfelt apologies to Manu Chetan for not giving any proper attention to a worthy book which he had afforded me during our last meeting at my homeland on 16th March 2013. Still, I don’t know why I kept it in my little collection of books for so long and dumped like a frustrated stuff contains around 170 pages? Whenever I opened my bookshelf, it always hid somewhere between the Malayalam collections which I normally don’t look round at all. Is that a specific reason which I could make up with the foolishness I did? Does it matter anyway? Of course, it doesn’t and I strongly believe in a fact that it was such an idiotic act which I ever served in the past few months. *REGRETS* 


Cover page of “Motor Cycle Diaries”

It was during last night, I came to see this book on my shelf while taking “The Oath of Vayuputras” which I’m currently reading now. Took it directly from the shelf and looked at its beautiful cover page portraying the title “Motor Cycle Diaries” (both in Malayalam & English scripts), and turned its pages randomly for a minute. Then I went to my table which has a classic table lamp at the left side corner where I usually do spend my time for studying and reading books. Opened the book and I kept staring at the 1st page which consists of a brief bio about Che which didn’t catch my attention in comparing with a young man’s signature below it.

I stuck on this page for a few minutes!!

I stuck on this page for a few minutes!!

“Memories are always a kind of sacred visuals coming out of our soul; every normal human being could assure about it in his current life as though they are good or bad ones”, I thought.

After completing this book at around 03:45 am on last night I hadn’t felt any deep rooted eminent feelings in me as a reader anyway. But the fractional happiness which I got later for a while was more than this few consistent reading experience. Che! Ernesto Che Guevara. He is the man! I was familiar about him only through a countable number of images which came across or nearer to me as links through various webs while surfing via cyber media. Most among them are having a similar background though! For me, he was just a strong leader who has led many bravery attacks against the well organized enemies, and achieved bashful notable victories through fantastic attempts decades back. But this book has squelched my sunken visuals about him in a very vivid manner I guess. I have seen the transformation of Ernesto Guevara as a jejune, but a passionate medical student into a Cuban leader. His brave revolutionary attempts not only changed the face of the entire Latin American continent, but it shaped the perspectives and the thoughts of millions of people from all around the world at that time.

Che wasn’t a passionate writer or novelist; hence please don’t expect kinda uncluttered contents from this book. His descriptions are all about the places, events, challenges and experiences during the long journey he had with his friend Alberto Granado to Latin America on an impetuous motor cycle. That too not as in the form of a literary chain, but in a very beautiful- simple- humorous- syllogistic way. I could sense the simplicity and the morally upright mind of a brave soul which the history has ever shown us through this translated book version by Che’s daughter,  Aleida Guevara March. As she stated in the introductory part, “I’m also in love with a legend like Ernesto Che Guevara now!”

Now, I’ll be looking forward for its movie version and check myself how far I absorbed the contents of the book. Once again, thank you so much for this valuable gift, Manu Cheta!!\m/ 🙂 🙂

PS 01: Special thanks to R. K. Bijuraj for its Malayalam translation part too! Indeed, he really did a great job. 🙂

PS 02: Read the quote which I found out from this dandy piece at the top of this post and get one copy of the book if ya can!! 🙂