A big NO to Mechanical Engineering!

“Why so, Mom? Neither dad nor I have a problem with the choice I opted, you know?  If that’s the case, why have you been so tensed regarding it?”

“Look Vidu! I should… After all, I’m your mom. Even I too don’t have any objection regarding your selection of Engineering, as for the higher studies. The solitary matter is you ought to choose any other branch in Engineering rather than Mechanical stream as your favored choice.”

The above conversation declines the argument between a daughter (my cousin) and her mom, as I was sitting next to them, hearing all this in a family gathering during the concluding twelvemonth. Since the topic didn’t pay much attention to me, I kept ‘mum’ in their aggregated court for a while, taking in the most interesting division of an opera based on their own true-tale. Well, the conversation ended up with the success of my aunt’s objections against her lovely daughter who was keenly interested to put her picture in the field of Engineering, I mean, Mechanical Engineering; the fate factor or her mom’s willingness to ensure her daughter not as a Mechanical Engineer paved her pathway to the door of Electronics and Communication Engineering, later.

Though there is modest attraction towards core branches of Engineering now-a-days, if you ask a girl candidate or her parent, the reply will be like, “I don’t want Mechanical Engineering for my kid; she cannot carry a machine”, “Why Mechanical Engineering for a young woman? They’re not supposed to engage upon such kind of jobs unlike we men do”

I’d aver that the sphere of technology is one of the few meritocracies that is founded on logical analysis and intellectual sentiment, so whomsoever is diligent and professional, and always strive for excellence, then it doesn’t matter whether you’re a boy/girl who belongs to Mechanical Engineering or any other trades coming below it.

If I shall build a symbolic coin with a logo on Royal Mechanical’s face at the head, and so the other side of the coin would be none other than an insignia of the Royal Mechanical Boys. I said Boys! When it comes to Mechanical Engineering, many among us, especially we Indians have a mentality that this course stream is under the dominance of boys only. Still, I don’t know the precise cause behind their wrong perspective regarding it though. Hence, the minority of girls (say 60:5 ratio in a class) who favor this track would have been much courageous and have the guts to choose a classroom where they’ve to sit and study together with the other gender for 4 years.

However, the branch of Mechanical Engineering is not simply limited to rough labor. The branch has got a major subdivision like Manufacturing Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Engineering Design, Industrial Engineering etc. Among these, the Manufacturing Engineering deals with the manufacturing of automobiles, passenger vehicles, trains, railroad infrastructure, ships, aeroplanes, heavy machinery etc. It has already been producing very wide opportunities all round the world and thus girls can exercise in the designing, programming and administering manufacturing process. Whereas Industrial Engineering includes the method of dispensing small, medium and large industries efficiently and effectively. This division is more suitable for girls. They can easily excel in the factory administration since it likewise holds to put less physical exertion. Similarly, the other classes of the course also receive the advantages which are worth mentioning for a young woman to carry along her career if she’s a firm will power and determination to acquire what she need in her life, irrespective of caring the imposition of others choice on her.

PS: Personally saying, I feel like I’m running into a chamber of darkness where you can sustain a bunch of acquaintances, but no one among them is a young woman.

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Proud to be known as a Nurse

Initially I felt like running away; neglects and abuse at work is difficult to digest. It is brutally, physically, mentally and emotionally an exhausting work. Dangerous pastime! Don’t care what happens, who does, and what’re the causes; but a nurse gets blamed for their work. Not just at work, even when I attend a wedding or any society ceremony, people come to me asking for remedies for arthritis, swollen leg, menopause and so on… My parents are excited and looking for a perfect one go answer. The situation is embarrassing, if my solution didn’t cure them, it obviously disappointed me.

 A slow pace was another drawback! Talking personally  with critically ill patients made them cry and I again experienced guilt for allowing them to shed tears instead of making them happy. Sometimes patients are so rude and demanding, treating us like peons. Seriously, we couldn’t bare it.
Why can’t I share these experiences with someone? What are friends for? So, I would call them up telling my nightmares. Worst of all, most of my pre University friends and schoolmates had got into Engineering. Everyone had a question on their mind why I chose nursing? Instead of helping me out, all they would say is why on earth did you choose nursing and not Engineering like us? In fact nursing was not on my list.But finally I graduated as a nurse with a great enthusiasm.
I kept on thinking why is this happening in nursing. I love my profession, I love the atmosphere am working, then why is this happening? I kept on thinking. Dream, dream and dream and if you sincerely work on it you’ll surely earn it. Then I soon  realized if something had to change and it was me. Yeah! The only person or system that can fix the problem is myself.
Soon got my hands off my hips. I realized, my job is more complex than any job and I am responsible for patients’ lives. Working in dialysis has made me more complex. Most of the time its nurses who provide the care and implement life saving interventions before doctors arrive.
Yes, nursing is versatile, not limited to hospitals. There is more to nursing and nurses than anyone will ever know. It is very clear now that I’ve to update my knowledge and help when people come to me asking for health solutions.
It is clear that I had to grow two more sets of arms, like a goddess, run faster than a marathon runner, work on telepathy, empathetic abilities. Smile when you greet a patient however tragic your life is. Being a newbie I insisted to be trained well about things in the department and how to  handle it.
Now I’ve learnt those who appear ruder and demanding are in reality just scared stiff, trying to cope with unbelievable stress. I learn not to feel bad to hold their hand and share their tears. Am happy that they allow me the privilege of sharing their tears.
Nursing has taken me to a place I never expected! Gained experience and wisdom that are invaluable and have only made me more passionate about nursing.
“Every single day, absolutely without fail, at least one person looks me in the eye and says a heartfelt ”thank you”. That is all the job satisfaction one needs.”
-Anusha Thaikad
PS: Well, this is a guest post written by my closest sister-friend, Anusha Thaikad who is currently residing in Bangalore, India and looking forward to spend the rest of her life as a nurse in Australia by beginning of next month onwards. I’m really glad to update this very heartfelt-comprehensive piece written by her over here and feeling so impressed to see the dedication and stability in her profession. May the glory of your peaceful mind spread to others through the profession ya own, Superb gal. All the very best for your bright future coming ahead! God bless. 🙂 🙂

I hope ya people also would find this post as an interesting one! Have a good day. xoxo