The Watchman

“No way, Rahul! It is not so easy for the late comers, get into the class, you know. C’mon… Run as fast as you can. If we’ll not reach there by school time, I’m damn sure that he’ll penalize us”, my friend screamed out at me.

Hahaha! Why are you so serious, Man? He might punish us as always. But what’s so wrong with it? We’re the late comers in our school itself, uh?”, I said.

Ummmm…! Yes, but still….”, he doubted.

It almost took around half an hour more for us to get to the schoolhouse gate. But it had already been closed; unlike the other days. While I was seeing through the city’s best school’s gate, a portly man in his 40’s outlook, and who has a thick mustache and hangs a militant rifle in one of his side turn off through my vision of being a latecomer. His rough look itself had proved that he is our school’s new watchman.

“Hey kids! You’re not presupposed to be late like this. Where were you? Why you’re so late?”, his anger struck up on us.

“We…. We…. missed our school bus and hence….”, my friend exclaimed.

“Okay… Don’t repeat this anymore, ok? I shall let you in now only for today. Both of you got me well, right?”, he called for us.

“Yes, Sir. Shall we?”, he replied him back with an utmost hope to escape from his rough approach.

“No, Sir! I didn’t get you. Can you briefly explain to me what you just said now?”, I interrupted my friend’s choice to grow in.

Perchance, my close mate’s innocence convinced his poor judgment; he allowed only him to amaze in.

“What do you want to know from me, Kid?”, he asked.

“I already said it. Excuse me, please. Can you allow me to go in? Or else, I shall ring my daddy today. He is least bothered regarding his son, being a late comer in his school. Then why you should?”, I asked him in a depressed quality.

“Hmm…! So here we’re… Look at your friend. He is a coward, I know. Even you too! But you’ve the backbone to produce your voice at least. I liked your attitude anyway”, he told me.

Hahahah! Your good name, please?”

“Ravinder Singh”

“Okay, Singh. That means there is no need of calling my dad this time, who has been teaching here, so that he can properly concentrate on his pending worksheets and lectures.  Glad that he can correct my lately written Mathematics exam’s answer sheet too. Thank you so much for your simple cum humble approach towards me. Have a good day. See you in the evening”, I engraved upon him and he opened the gate.

As I counted backwards, after getting hold of certain steps from him, he was still standing in front of the gate in his sober mode.

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Complete Their Stories

They can’t hide their choices and decisions for others. Every one among them are like me or you. Yes, they’re also human beings. If we can lead a life in the way we create, sometimes irrespective of caring others, and accomplish whatever we want in life till the day of retirement from this planet so-called earth, then why can’t they do the same too? Perhaps, they’ve disabilities which we don’t have! Unlike us, they can’t either talk or see or hear me or you properly. Most of us would consider them as the unlucky fellows in the society we’re living. We might say they’re useless! But… But is this all because of their ‘fate’ factor that they’re subjected to all these frustrations and desperate conditions in life?

If you’ve a precise answer to those queries I’ve asked above, and then I shall tell you that you’re the right person for whom I’ve been seeking since the age of 15. When I come across this video, “2 cameras, 2 kids and a very different city of dreams”, I thought it would be a usual motivational or money-making business stuff. But by the beginning of the story in the video clip itself has welcomed me into a new thing that I haven’t ever seen before. Like, a new vision of hopes and enlightenment entitled together with a very clever title. I loved the innovative concept behind the running of  Koshish School for the Deaf located in a quiet corner in a city that welcomes million dreams.The little kiddos who have been slowly weaving their day-to-day moments for a bright tomorrow, together with the helping hands of a group of peaceful minded people made my day! In fact, they’re the real and blessed human beings who have been enjoying their life with utmost care and happiness.

The Journey Of Doing Right speaks a lot to you about these people- the ones who were born as the luckiest blooms of our living planet. Keeping the penny we’ve in our pockets does make us rich by prestige and show off’s, but it only lasts till the day when our life ends here. Meanwhile, if we can help people like them at least through a half penny we earn and put a smile on their innocent faces, it’ll definitely lasts forever, uh?

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Did I ever love her or not?

Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fiction. Any resemblance to anyone, living or dead is purely coincidental. The characters are fictional and of my own creation.

18th December 2022:

“Wake up, Rahul! Come on, it’s 08:15 now. You are already late to go to work!”

My mom starts singing in my ears in that early morning of a new day. I was having a seraphic conversation with Kaley Cuoco during last night after such a wide gap through Wechat. It’s one among the parallel reasons behind the hectic cum long sleeping schedule in my cotton couch; though mom doesn’t know about it. I wake up from the bed in a lazy mood, thinking about the very delightful talk I had with Cuoco in the late midnight of the last day and the funny things she did via the video chat option for that last 148 seconds before cutting the call!! If my ailing network didn’t strike at that candid moment, we wouldn’t ended up our fervid conversation so soon I guess. Of course! We should talk in such an unreserved way. It’s a quiet unknown fact to you all that I’m talking to this beautiful gal after 3 years. We haven’t kept contacts in between this 365*3 days towards each other after her marriage with the “The Big Bang Theory” leading hero Jim Parsons.  The major reasons were her family concerns and the discussions they have been doing together for the making of “The Big Bang Theory: 25th season” . As her one among the closest friends, I wish it wouldn’t tie up finally with a divorce as before!

I’m already aware that today is going to be legendary if I will take a leave, stay at home itself and get relief from my busy working sessions at the office at least for a day.

What happened on last night:

 I decide to lie on my bed for a while again and start checking; listening to the voice messages which I received from her in my WeChat inbox folder.

: “Hey Rahul! It’s being after a long time. How are you, Darling?”

(She used to call me as darling during our chats! I don’t know why? 😛 )

: “Duh! I’m alright with him. Why didn’t you try to keep contact with me all these days? I really did miss ya loads. Jim has inquired me about you in the morning and hence I have thought of calling you. How is things going out there? How is your life going on with Lavigne?

: “Hell ya!! What happened between you two? Definitely! This is an unexpected bad news which I came to know about from you. You were her hero, uh?

: Oh my gosh! Indeed, it sounds really bad. Wait! Let me check whether she is available in online. If so, let’s have a common talk here.

: Why? What happened, Dude? Did you get hurt from her that much?

: Okay! Hold on. Jim is calling me. Will catch you after some time.


I felt so shy and sad when Lavigne came in our talks! My emotions started to yell at me through this short conversation I had with Cuoco.

“I can never miss or judge her,

Since she is my aesthetic soul.

An ever ending life which I would like to have with her;

Keeping our fingers crossed,

Sharing our dreams together in a fancy wooden hut.

Don’t leave me alone, my love;

Kill me instead if you can.

Don’t flatter me like a smashing witchcraft.

Accept the depth of my true implication in you,

Reject the faint thoughts with you,

Hate them,

And love me again as before”

I met Lavigne in a concert conducted in Pakistan on 19th March 2015. It was the beginning of our relationship and we mingled at few International music conferences conducted here in London too. There existed a kind of connive behavior in between us in these meetings at first. But Naomi has exchanged and sum up my additional interest on Lavigne during a pop music event conducted in Toronto where Naomi and I was present. Actually, Naomi was the mediator and a very close friend of mine who has put efforts  for controlling our frequent meetings at different parts of the world. Hence I decided to call my other friend Naomi Watts at that instant of consternation, and wished for having a sudden change of emo mood set up.

For my luck, she was also there in online.

: “Hai buddy! What’s up there?”


: “I see…! Even me too don’t have any contact with Lavigne after your divorce. Wait for Cuoco’s call, Rahul. How are you doing?”


: “Oh! Great. I’m currently doing a project with Speilberg in which Korean actor Choi Min-Sik is the leading character. It deals with a similar plot to the one which I did in “The Impossible”. Min-Sik is sitting in the caravan next to mine. He is a must meet actor for an aspiring filmmaker like you. Let me see whether he is free now or not!

: Okay! If so, let’s have a talk with him later then. So tell me? Do you still love her?


: What happened? Are you sure about it?

: I don’t know about its legal dilemma’s anyway. Will let you know after asking my personal advocate before tomorrow, okay?

: How come, Rahul? The age difference between you two is 9 years, ya know? Do you think that the decision which you are going to take is an apt one for the present situation?

: Yes, I agree! Age isn’t at all a matter of love between two souls. Does it mean that she still loves you?

: Accept the realities, My friend. You are too young in comparing with Avril. A bright future is waiting for you on this revolving planet of wonders. Achieve your heights and stay blessed.

: Okay! Continue your talk with Cuoco then. It’s time for me to go for the next take which is a challenging sequence in this flick itself. See you around soon. Hugs to you, My friend.

I got a notification in my gadget showing Cuoco’s message and a new friend request! I had declined to open the friend request notification and directly moved to my friend’s message.

: Hey! Are you there?

: Okay! I have just talked with your gal minutes before. She is perfectly fine and the weird thing which I came to know about from her behavior was,  “She didn’t ask at least a single word noting about your name or work you have been currently doing?” Does that sounds funny? Hahahah…!

: I’m sorry! It doesn’t I know. I was kidding you.

: Uggggg! I’m sorry…


: I’m SORRY!!!!


: F**k you, Hero!! Stop moping me like a pro now. If not, you’ll be dead soon. (Hahahahaha)


: Yeah! I know. Leave all those topics, Rahul. You just keep smiling now. I have something really interesting to show you here. Turn on your cam and change to video chat!


Did I really love her?

Did I really love her or not?


Did I really love her or not?


I really loved watching these images and video which do show the memorable funny moments that my friend has together with her hubby! She signed off by advising me to always stay cool and keep hoping for a better future rising ahead me.

In the afternoon of 18th December 2022:

I think of calling my zombie friend Natasha, who is currently working as the General Manager of Zombie Mania Association, Zombieland.

: Phewwww! What a pleasant surprise is this? I thought, you have already forgotten me?


: Hahaha! Yeah, Rahul. We’re working so hard for finding new zombies from the various centers on your planet. If you don’t mind, help me please!

: Alright! We have celebrated our association’s 100th Anniversary on last week. Here is the group photo of the members in our group.



: I came to see a few of your Facebook status updates about us recently. I thank you now for the good work you have been working on for the upliftment of our people’s honor in your society. Kudos to Zombies!\m/


I see another notification coming by the way on screen while talking with Natasha.

“You have received a friend request from Choi Min-Sik”

With a much awaited action, I turn off Natasha’s call and accept the new request from Min-Sik, the legend in the Korean Film Industry.

: Hey Rahul! Naomi mentioned about you  during our last night shooting set in Alaska. How are you, Young man? Heard that  you are an avid short movie maker?

: Yeah! “I saw the devil” and “Oldboy” were the 2 flicks which gave an amazing success in my career. I’m glad to hear from you that you are a fabulous fan of mine.

: Sure! Naomi is a good pal of mine too. She is really a worthy actress and beautiful actress who could deal with any kind of roles in the industry. Perhaps, that might be her own epic symbol in front of other newbie actresses coming into the field these days.

: Yeah! We’ll be there in London by the end of this month for shooting the climax of the movie which I have been working now. I wish to watch your little movies and meet you directly there. Have a great day ahead, My friend. Bye. Take care.

He ended the call and I look through the window nearby where I’m sitting, holding the gadget in right hand and enjoy remembering back about the beautiful glory of various moments while talking with my friends, except the glum figures of my love. It’s then I realize about the friend request which I had received while talking with Cuccoo. I opened the WeChat software again and check the friend requests’ tab.

“Holy Shit! It’s my love. How dare did I neglect her last night?”

I accept it with a sudden action by looking at the cute pic which she has kept as her profile pic. My heart starts feeling the joys of receiving my love’s request. Yeah! She is mine and I do love her more than anything in this real world.

Me: Hey honey! Are you there? (At 02:30:00 pm)


: Avril…….! (At 02:33:14 pm)

: My love!! Where are you?????? (At 02:33:42 pm)

: How are you doing there, dear? Where are you now? (At 02:45:00 pm)

: Catch me directly on Skype or messenger soon! Let’s talk directly, dear one. (At 03:01:32 pm)

: Honeeeyyyyyyy!! (At 06:42:53 pm)

I opened my WeChat profile again to check whether I have received any reply from her.

“Don’t disturb me anymore! I have started forgetting things we had together in those days and don’t try to make things much more serious! Please don’t follow me and spoil my current happy days”

Later, I clicked her profile in the list, but find that it isn’t accessible. Then I search for her profile in the search tool provided at the top of the software and click on the profile in which I have seen her lovely pica before.

“You have been blocked by the user of this profile and hence you can’t have further access to this profile anymore”

I turn off my gadget, place it above the table and sit in the same position nearer to the window; watching the countenance of birds flying through the blue sky.

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