New Year Calls

A year-end prolongs

As if like an art of truths

In the middle of my other attitude-

A faked mood

Portrays some new images

Using my brush and colors.

My eyes were filled with tears

Though they hit, so slowly

In enlarged widths,

And those old memories;

A mirror image of my ugly truths.


Myself- a reality by birth

However, a stranger by death

Encircled with a wreath,

And the decisions, yet to be understood,


Certainly, after a few minutes,

Or moments later,

Or in the next year,

My life cycle might change, but I dare,

How could I sacrifice myself

For an unending self?

PS: My final update during the year of 2013 which has given me a lot of good as well as bad memories! May the glory of this new year brings happiness and peace all around the world. Have a safe and wonderful journey ahead, Blogging blooms. Yo yo, 2014!! 🙂 🙂

Image Credits: Google

Portraits: Open Street

Hey WordPress blooms! I’m going to begin a photography series- Portraits- which consists of the images I have had taken using my mobile  (Sony Xperia) cam and update here in my blog, in a weekly basis. I mean, from today onwards, I’ll be giving a photographic update on every Friday until the December end of next year. I wish I could update a few images within this one-year period, which have something to be shared with the blogging world. Hope you all will enjoy going through it. Have a great weekend. Enjoy!
PS: The images I’ll be updating here would be slightly edited ones, since the images are taken using a mobile cam with 3.2 MP, and to improve the image clarity for a better view.

Open Street

Location: Fort Kochi, India.

Portraits: Open Street

Her Life

Her Life

When she loses the fear inside

Her heartbeat raises up

As if, a beautiful girl’s life

Has been attacked by an animal,

Not a human-being.

God! Where are you?

Is this the way I’ve to be

Like what others said.

My dad and mom says,

When they need my help

For a day’s meal or dinner.

Sometimes, even more,

That too for twice shots a day.

No! I can’t bear this anymore,

But still, when they….

Rainy days

Finally! Drips of rain drops fall over me.

Nakedness of her adorable cuteness,

Sparse images,

Eccentric naughtiness,

Simplicity in countenance,

Tangible promises,

And all unmasks the kid inside me.

I wish,

This is not a prefatory feeling of mine,

Nor a worth-newfangled face too.

But I love being with her,

No matter how,

Or why it happens?

Perhaps, I’m so crazy about her!!

Photo credits: Manu.S.Kurup (