A mad story

Once there lived a diligent farmer named Vridhaa and his daughter Nandini in an impious locality of Nayana’s kingdom. He was an atheist who strongly believed in lively miracles rather than the highly illogical myths and worships raised by the Hinduism believers in his nation. Nandini was a firm believer of Lord Krishna though. She used to go to temples in the early mornings and late evenings for showing her devotion and love towards the almighty- who is the creator of everything in this world. Vridhaa had given a full freedom to her daughter in everything including her beliefs and faith in God; all because of the reason that her mother passed away when she was 6 years old.

‘The only girl who is a fool-shy-good looking-dad’s enemy-immorally upright being’, this was the common opinion about Nandini by the public in their area.

It was during the mid of an after Christ period, recession struck the kingdom in a very destructive manner. People in the nation started to shift and settle down in other nations to earn a living. Nayana came to know about the bad statistics of his nation, and think about an apt solution for a change which can bring his kingdom’s richness as before in every aspect.

Finally, Nayana found out the reason behind his country’s worst situation through Nandini ”someway” and they together decided to kill Vridhaa, the atheist who is responsible for the country’s scenario. 

While taking dinner, ‘Have you ever believed in God?’, Nandini asked her dad.

‘No! I’m a true believer of a science which is unknown for most among us, but the exact reason for every happenings in this world. Why did you ask so?’, Vridhaa inquired.

Nandini took the revolver which was held behind her and *Shooooo*

Vridhaa dead, Nayana ruled his wealthy nation along with Nandini as his queen in an explicit way and they lived together for many years’

Reality: Part 1

Reality might lead to a variety of unexpected twists in your life! Indeed, I have been facing such multivalent experiences within this 19 years of age. I was also a baby with innocence in my smile and charms on a kid’s face. For me, it’s still unknown regarding the origin and existence of a guy like me in this world. If my birth was meant for something, what actually it is? Why I’m still waiting for that hidden asterisk to rise in the darkness of loneliness? How long will it take for that glittering star to impart in front of me? Am I simply waiting and spending time with this impetuous thought?

Once, in one of my long sleep schedule, I dreamt about the meticulous future and visions I have to a stir back into my hands from this planet. It had really put a great impact on me and I was so surprised to stay in a very new world at least for a few hours through that dream. I wasn’t aware about the consequences and implacable events which I might have to face while walking through that meticulous long path. When I stepped after 5 or 6 foot-long, a sturdy fact hits on my unconscious mind that I’m ‘nude’. Yes, I’m fully nude! I don’t even have a small sheet of paper to cover my basic nudity. Well! Who cares? I didn’t even see a dirty hemp nor fly in this strange area. Hence I continued walking through that unknown path and got stuck with a wormy landscape right ahead of my eyesight. Duh! I’m a little scared now. A greenish rage eyed ugly little fellow passing through a bunch of evacuation spreads all over that plot? Does it show a perfidious signal to me? (My conscious mind already knew it!)

“You bloody dirty creature! How dare you come in front of me?”, I killed him directly with my single footstep on his body and that little worm burst out suddenly with the incorporated excessively filled white colored liquid inside his trunk. It is not blood, but I felt it as a gummy paste stitched on my feet. Whatever it is, I didn’t feel any contrition in killing this unfamiliar insect and continued my journey.

*to be continued….!