A Writer’s Pen

He dreamt of a fairy-tale

Bits of paper flew away

An end, left undone.

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His Sister

There was something sinister hidden in his scheming mind; the side of which he had never shown his sister. After a long time waiting, he saw his chance to exact revenge for what she had done the previous day. He came back to his home with every intention of killing her.

When he opened the side door, he was surprised to see his little sister’s innocent, angelic expression. She just smiled and ran towards him, and gave him a tight hug, enveloping her elder brother in her love. His anger quickly melted away within that short space of time, and they played another new game together.

This is a pure work of fiction written for Write Tribe’s 100 Words on Saturday – 2014 # 1 and UBC Day 4

Photo Credits: Google Images