Invitation to Ambiguous Words!

Hope at least few of you may know about the official launch of “Ambiguous Words-WP members under one home” on 13th June 2012. This post is an invitation for others, who don’t know anything about this new family in Facebook. 🙂

“A group specially meant for WordPress members in Facebook”: SHORT AND SIMPLE delineation about our family. 🙂

The relevance of this name for our family is that much unique it shows! 🙂 🙂
Here “Ambiguous” refers to “each and every creative thoughts and ideas own by our family members”. 🙂
“Words” refers to “the blooms coming under this family”, which means our pride members! 🙂

No one is having any specific rights or  controls over here. Few admins will be there to lead her though. It’s like a family( similar to a growing baby plant), where every member can share anything regarding their blogs, creative ideas…..etc…etc…., contacts with other world wide members and all through her.  Only if so, she can grow in much better as well as healthy way. So everyone must care her as far as they can. 🙂 :). This is a hearty invitation to you all, who aren’t members yet in our family. It’s not at all a complicated process to join in Ambiguous Words. Just go through the link given below:

Hope we can see you all there in AW soon. Have a great weekend ahead. God bless. Cheers.\m/ 🙂

With love,
Ambiguous Words Members.


“Ambiguous Words- WP members under one HOME”

Oyieeeee! Finally, the official launch of  “Ambiguous Words- WP members under one HOME” happened in facebook on 13th June 2012.

The official timeline and 1st uploaded pica in Ambiguous Words! 🙂 🙂

“A group specially meant for WordPress members in facebook”.

Actually this idea came to my mind, when I was supposed to start making contacts with few of the WP members recently in facebook. It gave me some new experiences in such a great ambience. This provoked me to sequel some thoughts regarding the formation of this specific group! Why can’t WP members can have contacts other than through comments and likes in their own respective blogs?? It would be really interesting no?? This leads to the beginning of-

“Ambiguous Words- WP members under one HOME”

Here you can share your WP posts, contacts with WP members all around the world…etc….etc…. As you all know, it is just a beginning! Hope you all will try your level best to be in touch and share your unfathomable shares over here.

A warm welcome to all to this new venture! You can check this group via: