An Aisle Of Lightness

Darkness in a coward, a reprobate from ages

went through a satanic path.

The truth is hidden in an eye’s cage,

screaming still in a closed state.

Light in a rebel, a ruling artist,

his renowned enemy believes

in his holiness, and thus leaving

in a crucial path.

Perhaps, they’re always one with two faces,

trying to convey what they know

for the rest- a real disguised world.

Accept them, the one will exist..

The Other dwelling within a jiffy of sins;

pounds of strings praising his wins..

Once, they were none for us,

but then we killed us for them.

PS: This is a group-blogging work that I’ve written together with Viditi Bhargava, an aspiring Engineering student from Delhi, India. For me, she is a peaceful soul who’s a lot of foolish thoughts like me in her mindset and the one who is perfectly fine to mingle such thoughts at any time through her writings, especially via poetry. If you haven’t ever been through her simple blog space, have a look at it here.

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One Last Time

Where are you, My love?

I kept waiting for you there..

Again and again..

So long…

To find my other part..

The one I cannot have…

But the one I really wish to have..

I turned back to walk

Still, I waited behind that bridge

Waiting for you..

Waiting for time to stop by..

That cold breeze made me numb

Yet I yearn to see your face

For one last time

PS: Yet another group blogging task together with Jensy George, The Girl With The Scorpion Tattoo. Yo yo! I always feel free to work along with her and let my simple thoughts flow so freely, especially with the romantic stuffs. It’s such a great pleasure to have a buddy like ya here, Girl. I would love to group blog with ya whenever it’s possible. If you haven’t ever been to her blog, have a look, Folks. 🙂

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– Rahul

She…. My Angel!

I don’t know why… I really don’t know why and how she has trespassed into my heart, that day. Why…? Oh my gosh! Look at her, DUDE!! She is not only sexy, but… But.. ehhh.. Charming and….. And…. Goddamn angelic outlook she has…. I know… I know I’m…. My mood swings…. Um… When she enters our S3 105 classroom. I always feel like she is the one who has been created for….I can’t lay my eyes off her… She is indeed my angel… Huff… How would I tell her, Man! Hmm… Maybe I should ask her doubts, after all she is my Mathematics teacher! 
PS: This is a 100 word story which I’ve written together with Jensy George- my blogging buddy girl from Mangalore, India. If you haven’t ever been to her wonderful blog consists of poetries and short stories, check it out here.

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The Dreaming Soul

As I got down from the Train
I saw so many new faces
Every person had a tale to share
Every person had something to tell
I stood there trapped in the lane
Looking to hold on to that
Which silently slipped again and again

I tried again, tried real hard..
But there was something that was not visible to my eye..
Something that I could feel was there.. Somewhere near..
It called me in many ways..
And I went among the crowd.. To a direction unknown..!

Finally, I found him there
With a completely new face
And a much better outfit.
He is not a kid anymore,
Though I loved the way he looked like.
It kept me standing there for a few seconds,
But with a hope to understand who am I?

There was something surreal about the reflection
I couldn’t pin what it meant
Was he a part of my inner soul
Or was I dreaming with open eyes
With so much to ponder
With so much to think
I got lost in the thoughts
As I forgot to blink

Several memories flashed by..
I didn’t know which one to relate..
I was lost in my own thoughts..
Lost in my own world..
When suddenly somebody pushed me accidently..
I got a little confused..
Coming to reality with a sudden knock..!

Gosh! Where the hell am I?
Either in a dreamy or real world?
What happened to me?
Where is my inner soul?
This was not an unexpected reality,
But a painful alarm I had been waiting for.
My identity was hidden behind his shadow.
Perhaps, this moment has a few more things to tell about myself.

PS: Another group blogging post I had written together with Shruti Fatehpuria ( and Swati Jain ( from India, with whom I always do try to keep in touch whenever time permits. For me, these 2 girls were perfect strangers, but they already knew towards each other since their childhood onwards. Those who have been looking forward to read a number of heartfelt pieces of poetry and personal thoughts, please do stop by their blogs and have a fantastic reading time there. Have a great Sunday ahead for all of you. God bless. xoxo

Pretentious Facade

Right through the middle of my heart,
She pours her limpid feelings,
The radiant glory of love on me.
I doubt, why she does love me today?
We were apart for years,
Makes no sense for others!
In fact, there was a reason,
An oblivious one,
With a staple thread,
That compels her to hate me.
But the same conditions persists,
And I’m still the world’s best fool!

I do not know why she still believes
After all what I put her through
You would think the heart would bleed
You would think the heart will kill
And still she smiles
And still she winks
My heart wonders
My brain curses
Was all the pretense in vain?
Did she see through my game?
As I ponder at my foolishness,
She smiles at my thoughts
Will she pick me again?
Or is she gearing for a new start?

PS: A group blogging post that I did together with Shruti Fatehpuria from Calcutta, India. Well, she is an Engineer by profession and love being known as a poetry writer. She has a number of beautifully written poetries on her blog and those who haven’t ever visited her blog can check it out here:

Well, it’s such a great pleasure for me to work together with ya and I’m eagerly looking forward to work on the next ASAP, Shrutiji. Have a good day. God bless. xoxo


Can’t let go?

I saw him standing there
With a smile on his face
churns my heart

Words can’t explain the beats I feel
Cause my heart sings a new song
And it tells something special,
Special to sparkle my face…

I don’t know who is she?
Why we always meet up coincidentally in our unending paths?
How could she attract me;
Though we haven’t talked directly yet?
I’m confused!
Am I in love,
Or is this just an infatuation I’ve on her?

I want to know what he is like…
He turns and gives that sided smile
Once again, my heart pounds
This time he stares
Taking my breath away
Does it sound crazy?
Cause here I smile, the clumsy one
And there spins my world.

No! I can’t hide before her beauty anymore.
Whatever it is, who cares?
I’m not sure whether she’ll?
But me?
Yeah! This exactly sounds somewhat crazy.
If she is my Aphrodite,
Then what’s so wrong there in my thoughts?
Love or lust?
It’s my turn and…
I prefer the best in you, Love!

PS: My 2nd group blogging post which is another duet that reflects the flow of romance as the main tag! But this time, I’ve done the group blogging task with Jensy who is a blogger from Karnataka, India and has got close connections with my state as well. Actually, I knew her at the beginning of my blogging days itself and it’s really a great pleasure for me to express my little thoughts with her over here. I really enjoyed the time we had together and thank you so much spending your valuable time with me for this work, Jensy. She is a very wise poet and those who haven’t ever known this young girl yet can check out her awesome blog space here:


She keeps looking at me
Although I’m so busy here
But her febrile senses reflects,
Compels me to spend a few minutes with my love.
She comes closer to me,
Hugs me in a much tighter way than ever before.
Her beautiful eyes crosses with mine,
And yells again for a stranger’s look!

I see him stuck up with loads of work
But that’s what always takes up his entire day
This time I feel the nerve that he’ll reciprocate my love
To me, from his work, my love will sway..
I go up to him meaning to spend some time together
The time when it’s just the two of us…getting lost in each other’s eyes

I can’t take my breath away from her now!
She needs the whole eminent glitters of love from my side
For me, your presence is always so special;
Inconceivable by anyone else, my love!
Come on! This means a lot to us
Don’t stay apart from your man!
Love me as far as you can.

You’re the love of my life…
The reason of my being…my other part…
Nobody can even reach near…
The special place you occupy in my heart!
Love is an eternal bliss they say, and I found it so true.
Everything I was looking for in a man
I found it in you..!
I found it in you..!!

PS: This is a 100% combined work did by me and Swati from our blogging family within half an hour or so via online discussions and I personally liked the concept behind it. It’s a duet in which male and female part is written by me and she respectively. The blogging domain has already provided me enough sisters and brothers from the different parts of the world and I’m so much happy to get in touch with a young brave soul like you too, Swatiji. She is a newbie blogger who loves writing and professionally a chartered accountant from West Bengal, India. Her thoughts are all so expressive ones and I strongly do recommend her blog to all of you here: