Can’t let go?

I saw him standing there
With a smile on his face
churns my heart

Words can’t explain the beats I feel
Cause my heart sings a new song
And it tells something special,
Special to sparkle my face…

I don’t know who is she?
Why we always meet up coincidentally in our unending paths?
How could she attract me;
Though we haven’t talked directly yet?
I’m confused!
Am I in love,
Or is this just an infatuation I’ve on her?

I want to know what he is like…
He turns and gives that sided smile
Once again, my heart pounds
This time he stares
Taking my breath away
Does it sound crazy?
Cause here I smile, the clumsy one
And there spins my world.

No! I can’t hide before her beauty anymore.
Whatever it is, who cares?
I’m not sure whether she’ll?
But me?
Yeah! This exactly sounds somewhat crazy.
If she is my Aphrodite,
Then what’s so wrong there in my thoughts?
Love or lust?
It’s my turn and…
I prefer the best in you, Love!

PS: My 2nd group blogging post which is another duet that reflects the flow of romance as the main tag! But this time, I’ve done the group blogging task with Jensy¬†who is a blogger from Karnataka, India and has got close connections with my state as well. Actually, I knew her at the beginning of my blogging days itself and it’s really a great pleasure for me to express my little thoughts with her over here. I really enjoyed the time we had together and thank you so much spending your valuable time with me for this work, Jensy. She is a very wise poet and those who haven’t ever known this young girl yet can check out her awesome blog space here: