Review: Amen

‘Amen’– A pakka script based and wisely did flick from Mallu industry which I saw after crossing 2 and half months of this 2013 with uncountable numbers of star valued, big cum short budgeted raunchy movies. Yes! It’s after such a long while, I’m watching a memorable Malayalam movie which has truly touched my inner heart as a viewer or entertain me at its max for the bucks which I had spent in watching it. A movie with “very elateful humor-pragmatic story-divine romance-dominant locations-excellent crew-flamboyant cinematography-opportune music”, that all together makes this Lijo Jose Pellissery’s divine thread as an assorted one from the recently released flicks. The transformation of this young director is somewhat interesting though. He had tried action and mystery thrillers via ‘Nayakan’ and ‘City of God’, but this one? If he had taken that substantial gap meant for the making of a mixed chaste work, indeed, you did it, Gentleman. *HUGS*

I felt the unsurprising effort put by this Director Sir while choosing the actors and co-workers who all are a part of this project and everyone including a guest comer had done their level best in handling their roles well on this jejune village story. When it comes to Indrajith, he is going to become a trailblazer with this single project. You haven’t done a rookie character, but so touching-nondescript leading initiator throughout the movie in our arising Mallu field.

You could watch a senescent and shyness portrayed Fahad Faasil in this movie, which would be definitely a worth one in his career. The sensuality pictured Kalabhavan Mani, Swati Reddy debut into Mallu industry, Rachana Narayanankutty’s dogmatic styled acting, bits by Kulappulli Leela and all really worked well at every point of the movie.

The background score and music adopted also gave a distraught quality throughout while watching it. What made this movie ‘so’ special for me was the impact which it has put on me at the ‘end’ I guess? I was a bit uncomfortable with the giant cheering by various fan followers in the theatre when the movie was ON (PS: It doesn’t mean, I’m incompatible with all those theatre fun with these guys, but it wasn’t a right time for me at that instant). When it came to the end, the scabby overwhelming mind in me burst out fully for being a part of such a large crowd and flashed throughout here and there inside the theatre by the loud ring of applauding and overjoyed comments. Amen….! ❤

Verdict: MUST WATCH ONE especially during this Easter season!

Diamond Necklace

I didn’t felt, ‘Diamond Necklace’ is one among the splendid movies that I saw recently. Even the movie had an awesome story with versatility in crew, something somewhere is missing I guess. But I came to know that the movie have already got much rating as well as great audience reviews. That doesn’t mean I have enough criticisms about the movie. I’m confused whether the new comers except Fahad and Samvritha, successful in handlings other roles comfortably. Especially,  Gauthami Nair and Anusree. Well, they are not much experienced in comparing with them I know. :P. Considering  this as their 1st debut in the industry, appreciable performance girls. Hope you would be much better in upcoming movies. J

Diamond Necklace’ is a malayalam movie having Dubai based story of an oncologist, Arun(Fahad) and his worst life out there in the vacillating bachelor life. The movie reveals the transformation of his character when he gets married and changes in the dimensions of his life because of three girls(Samvritha, Gauthami and Anusree) . The romantic look in him as an inborn character and the natural gestures shown by Fahad worked well in this movie too. Hats off to you man…:D
Characters did by Sreenivasan and Rohini were conspicuous. I won’t tell it’s really a weird story line from Iqbal Kuttipuram. But the story conveys something strange, that we have never seen before. “A Romantic Tale on the Verge of Reality”, that’s what director cum producer Lal Jose focused through this new project. And the music did by Vidyasagar gave a carry off again through “Nilamalare nilamalare….” for music lovers. Taking the whole movie into consideration, it’s an above average one for me. 🙂