Rainy Prospects

I loves walking in the rain through a crowded path,

Holding my dry umbrella without getting wet.

And I see most of the people watching and laughing at me,

That the madness of mine is a recondite one.

Is this guy impinge his attitude or weirdness on this worst rainy evening?

Most of them stares at me with that query,

Which may be a frantic dekko for me.

What ever they think about me,

This is one among the simplest way to experience,

One could enjoy joyous natural coolness and beauty of our lively world.


Authentic Palates!

I don’t know how far,

I’m missing her right now.

My heart is seeking for her,

Which is the only temperance that could do.

I missed her a lot!

My silence would say so if you asks me about her.

I’m not well enough to express the feelings,

When her presence and spell isn’t around me.

When she is far away from me,

I feels so lonely in our unique loving world.

I will be in a perilous situation,

Where no one can save me except her.

My unwavering  heart is overhauling,

Which shows the impartial need for her right now.

This moment realizes me the way of deliberate affairs,

That were always unalloyed sights from her.