How I Made a Long Blog Post About My Trip?

A few days ago, Naima, author of Global Unison and one among my good friends from the blogging circle, has asked me to pen down further about the experiences of the trip I had to Malappuram with my sister on January, 2015. Excuse me for the delay I’ve made to update the content here though; I’m extremely glad to update it at least by now as I’m outdated here nowadays due to some other reasons­­—trying to give least attention on cyber world, new books collection of random genres, been busy with the Silicon Valley 1st season and the Game of Thrones series at the same time, working as a freelance content crafter, boring college schedules and a few more other personal stuffs. Anyway, if you’re there, then this post is for you, Naima. Hope you’ll love reading it.

So you wanted to know how I made a long post about the trip and what I felt while writing down the personal experiences of mine in Malappuram together with Revu, my sister. I’m unsure whether I got you right or not, still here is the answer for your queries in simple words.

Generally, I don’t prefer to write lengthy blog posts— I admit that I’m not good at expressing long fictional thoughts—because I felt that it doesn’t give a better reading experience to my valuable readers. Then how should I go for descriptive takes? Here is the 10 major factors for which I give importance while writing down the contents devoid of any limitation on the word count.

When you write regarding anything in real, which you’ve already experienced, then you wouldn’t care about what you’re writing. Because you’re not lying, but you’re penning down what you already know, what you had been through in a few minutes, hours or days ago.

I didn’t think of the grammatical errors while working on that specific post; it was actually a written draft. I was in a perfect mood for writing.

Choose a better notepad to be installed in your Smartphone so that you can scribble your ideas, maybe a mere thought, whenever something hits your brain at anytime.

Which one is your favorite application for typing the texts? Word or Evernote? Mine is Word as I’ve been a Word user since I started blogging 3 year ago.

Don’t think too much. Just write. Write. Go on writing.

Play your favorite music in low voice for a better ambiance. Don’t try to restrict yourself in order to complete the work within one sit. It’s your time. And do whatever you want in between.

Choose the best time for writing. It varies from person-to-person. Maybe, for you, its right after a hot coffee in the evening, but mine is during late midnight.

Read. Read as much as you can— books of any sort ranging from Goosebumps to your favorite author’s recently published work.

If you’re done with the draft, then 90% of the work is finished.

Go through whatever you’ve written in the draft, make necessary changes, show it to somebody who has similar interest on reading and writing, and publish it whenever you want.

Now, regarding the other experiences I had in Malappuram apart from what I’ve written in the blog post.

I had such a lovely time with Revu in Malappuram after a long time, Naima. And again, I understood from the trip that train journeys are far more reliable and refreshing ones while comparing with the other means of transport in India. Travelling is the easiest way— a much needed change that everybody seek in their lives at every point— to enjoy and find happiness at wherever you go. It enlightens our minds. It makes us feel more real. I know that I don’t have to mention this all to you, Bird of passage. You know it. Yes, you know what I’m trying to say.

Like you’ve mentioned, here are some more pictures we have captured during the trip:

In return to this dedicated post, I would like to know why you have asked me to write a post of this kind. Hope you’ll get back to me soon.

To the rest of the world, have a happy weekend from my side. Enjoy each and every moment. Move forward. Never give upon your dreams to conquer the depths of happiness in life. 

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The Pot

A pot with a hole!

Water pours into it,

Dry soil cried again.

Image credits: Google Images



Days and years passed

In the natural flow of time

Along with the memories and choices.

The wideness of my thoughts shortens

As if a change has happened.

Pain kills the blanket of happiness

Inside the chamber of a true heart,

The one with a bloodless face.

But later, I think like an idiot,

And found a supremacy over my creativity

Again and again with a hoe.

At the end of that day,

I realized, I’m so unique

In a miraculous world of experiences.

Proud to be known as a Nurse

Initially I felt like running away; neglects and abuse at work is difficult to digest. It is brutally, physically, mentally and emotionally an exhausting work. Dangerous pastime! Don’t care what happens, who does, and what’re the causes; but a nurse gets blamed for their work. Not just at work, even when I attend a wedding or any society ceremony, people come to me asking for remedies for arthritis, swollen leg, menopause and so on… My parents are excited and looking for a perfect one go answer. The situation is embarrassing, if my solution didn’t cure them, it obviously disappointed me.

 A slow pace was another drawback! Talking personally  with critically ill patients made them cry and I again experienced guilt for allowing them to shed tears instead of making them happy. Sometimes patients are so rude and demanding, treating us like peons. Seriously, we couldn’t bare it.
Why can’t I share these experiences with someone? What are friends for? So, I would call them up telling my nightmares. Worst of all, most of my pre University friends and schoolmates had got into Engineering. Everyone had a question on their mind why I chose nursing? Instead of helping me out, all they would say is why on earth did you choose nursing and not Engineering like us? In fact nursing was not on my list.But finally I graduated as a nurse with a great enthusiasm.
I kept on thinking why is this happening in nursing. I love my profession, I love the atmosphere am working, then why is this happening? I kept on thinking. Dream, dream and dream and if you sincerely work on it you’ll surely earn it. Then I soon  realized if something had to change and it was me. Yeah! The only person or system that can fix the problem is myself.
Soon got my hands off my hips. I realized, my job is more complex than any job and I am responsible for patients’ lives. Working in dialysis has made me more complex. Most of the time its nurses who provide the care and implement life saving interventions before doctors arrive.
Yes, nursing is versatile, not limited to hospitals. There is more to nursing and nurses than anyone will ever know. It is very clear now that I’ve to update my knowledge and help when people come to me asking for health solutions.
It is clear that I had to grow two more sets of arms, like a goddess, run faster than a marathon runner, work on telepathy, empathetic abilities. Smile when you greet a patient however tragic your life is. Being a newbie I insisted to be trained well about things in the department and how to  handle it.
Now I’ve learnt those who appear ruder and demanding are in reality just scared stiff, trying to cope with unbelievable stress. I learn not to feel bad to hold their hand and share their tears. Am happy that they allow me the privilege of sharing their tears.
Nursing has taken me to a place I never expected! Gained experience and wisdom that are invaluable and have only made me more passionate about nursing.
“Every single day, absolutely without fail, at least one person looks me in the eye and says a heartfelt ”thank you”. That is all the job satisfaction one needs.”
-Anusha Thaikad
PS: Well, this is a guest post written by my closest sister-friend, Anusha Thaikad who is currently residing in Bangalore, India and looking forward to spend the rest of her life as a nurse in Australia by beginning of next month onwards. I’m really glad to update this very heartfelt-comprehensive piece written by her over here and feeling so impressed to see the dedication and stability in her profession. May the glory of your peaceful mind spread to others through the profession ya own, Superb gal. All the very best for your bright future coming ahead! God bless. 🙂 🙂

I hope ya people also would find this post as an interesting one! Have a good day. xoxo

I’m not a KID!

‘What’s blogging?’

‘How many hours you have to spend in a day for the blogging related activities?’

‘What’s the benefit of being having a personal blog?’

‘Why can’t a regular day scholar be a part of the blogging family?’

These were very few questions inquired to me by my mom when I have started the activity of blogging. Even I also got confused when she asked me these queries at first. But later, I realized what actually did this blogging experience mean. Yes, my intentions behind this activity was so unclear until 6 or 7 months back; I have an experience as a blogger for 14 months though

For me, life is all about experiencing lively experiences. Whenever I feel so sad or happy about something, there must be a reason behind it. The reason behind its cause may be invisible or hidden to me in the initial states. But only a good reason and time can solve a tougher problem in its most vivid manner. This can be compared with the solving of a mathematical problem in which its understanding, accesment and steps for solving it does matter. Only if so, we could find out the right answer at the right time with a right reason through a number of ways for a specific question. Hence blogging as a term is a huge experience for me in my life itself. It serves at least a kind of +ve mutation for the frequency of my thoughts. I have been discovering a vast writing as well as reading pleasure personally through this platform and love for being a part of it so far. 

I'm not a KID!

‘I’m not a kid! This isn’t the right way of asking queries by a mom to his 20 years old son. Rahul Ashok has grown up enough and he is familiar and confident about what he have been doing now.’, my mom smiled and kissed me after hearing this response for the same above mentioned queries during her attack against my blogging tasks last time. 🙂 🙂

Reality: Part 2

PS: This is the continuation of a short story series and those who haven’t read the 1st part can check it out here. 🙂

I continued walking through a battered rocky path, which I found out on my flightless way after committing that brutal crime. I sensed the melodious beautiful rhythms singing by a smashing snipe sitting on one of the branches of a cut out pine tree. Her cheery voice spreads all around the misty atmosphere and I stand over there silently hearing it for a while.

Soumyaji! You are such an iridescent soul who could superlatively express every emotion and feelings in our lives with your heartfelt and impalpable creations”

I heard this from a zestful listener, a young, cheerful, elegant and lovely gal, right in front of her, who was actually sitting behind the other branch of pine tree and hidden for me because of the extra large width of wood though.

“Hahaha! It’s my pleasure to have a keen listener like you here and spend your valuable time in hearing me, Naima.”

“Of course! It’s all about the substantive connection between an insurgent singer and a tasteful listener, Naima.”, a 3rd female voice from the back.

Wow! It’s a ‘winged’ squirrel. 😀

“Alright, Matrone! I wish you are also enjoying every bit of her amateurish thoughts.”, Naima said to that comical structured fellow.

 “We are too much blessed and lucky to have a pied fount like you in our small world, Soumya.”, another female sweet voice of 22-25 years old who has almost of similar attitude of Naima and sitting next to her.

“You people made my day so special, Jensy!”, she replied back to that young gal from whom she has got the explicit compliment.

The contrast which I saw in this wonderful dream land is,

“There is a connection existing between every living thing over here and they can communicate each other with the common well advised language which we people used to prefer in the real world.”

“Am I in a fairy tale similar to ‘Alice in Wonderland’ or ‘Hobbit’?”, I spoke to myself after hearing all this. A most harsh fact that struck my mind was ‘I’m fully nude, but all these people were very well dressed’. If this wasn’t the condition, I could even ask them at least where I’m or what’s going on here. Hence I try to understand my peculiar condition and disgust for not finding any men like me and waited there for them to leave away from that very implicit spot.

Suddenly, the alliteration of a sound similar to the boot steps of a sturdy looking horse reflected on my ears! All these girls flew away when this highfalutin image echoed on them. I kept my ears close to a broken wood besides and found that the cracking sound is following me. Yes! It has been coming closer to me… Much closer… Too close to the woods…….

*to be continued….!