Earth or…..?

Beyond the indefinite beauty of earth,

There exists a tentative planet called darkness.

A blind-mass surrounds by a blackish core!

The inner land area fills with pseudo circles,

Indecorous atmosphere,

Repellent gases,

Inane monotony,

Deformed strips of sharp rocks,

Peculiar animals lay on one side,

While whitish plants feeds them from the other side.

Yeah! It’s so strange here.

Apart from the cloudless night,

Everything is new here!

But, how about darkness?

Is that the same or worst one as on earth?



Down to earth of aquiline wisdom

Realities with perishing anecdotes

Entanglements of judgements and injustice,

Which subtends over a battered community.

The era of war fights and discrimination,

Spoilage of our own resources and winged rhythms,

Dignity under the hands of implausible liberals.

I do really hate this jejune WORLD of unconditional convictions,

Where I don’t wish to have a life ANYMORE.