Neelakasham Pachakkadal Chuvanna Bhoomi

Neelakasham Pachakkadal Chuvanna Bhoomi (Blue Sky Green Sea Reddish Earth) is a highly stagnant Malayalam journey movie that I’ve seen for the very first time! I had an intention before watching the movie from its official teaser and theme song that it’ll be a pure copy-paste version of Che’s Motorcycle Diaries which has got a few notable similarities in one or the other way. Sameer Thahir, the director whose last 2 movies, Chappa Kurishu and Isha in 5 Sundarikal, were the copied versions of other language movies though. But, by the running of the movie on the screen itself had proved that my prediction was wrong. It displays the story of Kasim and his journey from Southern India to Nagaland along with his closest friend Suni on their Royal Enfield Bullets for seeking Kasim’s lost love.

Sameer Thahir as a director hadn’t ever put any sturdy impact on me through his movies before, but there is a slight contrast with that for this time anyway. Yeah! I really did like the way of presentation he has adopted for this beautifully portrayed movie. Perhaps, like Lijo Jose Pellissery, we’re lucky only by now to recognize and accept Sameer Thahir’s creativity and style at least by his 3rd movie. The visuals emerging out from the projector to the theatre screen has provided a deep-lively-refreshing effects on viewers and it can be noted as one among the major internal factor behind the spectacular glory of Neelakasham (blue sky) during this festival season. The rising super stars, Dulquar Salman-Sunny Wayne team once again did such a great job through the 2 characters (Kasim and Suni) in the movie. Their combination sequences really worked well and they were all packed perfectly with quality at its peak; especially their riding sequences. The other major roles in the movie did by the Manippuri actress Surja Bala (Assi), Aena Saha, Bengali actor Drithiman Chatterjee, Joy Mathew and others performance were also appreciable ones. 

The script, dialogues, BG score and music suits only with the storyline of the movie; hence it can’t be considered as worth ones. All in all, this is a 100% enjoyable flick comes under the genre of journeys through the different parts of our nation and true love. If you’re willing to watch a 2 and half hour movie with very innovative making and visuals, don’t wait for another turn! Neelakasham Pachakkadal Chuvanna Bhoomi is waiting for you in the theatres near by you.

A single thought which has truly inspired my heart from the movie:

“എന്റെ വിധി, എന്റെ തീരുമാനങ്ങള്‍ ആണ്”


“My destiny is my decisions”

Verdict: 4/5

Official teaser:

Why Anjali Menon is so special for me?

I know, many among you’re so doubted with the title part of this post itself! “Anjali Menon? Who is she?”, a quiet, natural query that would come directly to your mind if she is a stranger to you;  I reckon, she is a familiar personality for every Mallu movie lover. Hence, for the ones who don’t know anything regarding her, let me narrate what I know about her briefly at first.

Anjali Menon, an Indian Movie Director- Script Writer who has created her own insignia in the Film Industry within a short span of time after releasing Manjadikkuru, her debuted Malayalam movie. She was born in Calicut, Kerala and grew up in Dubai in the later stages of her childhood for a few years and came back to Kerala in the later period. She has done her high school education in Calicut, Kerala and graduated with a degree in commerce from Providence Women’s College, Kerala. Later she did a graduation in communication studies and specialized in TV related production in Pune, India. It was during the year 2000, she has joined at the London Film School, specializing in Film Direction, and was awarded with overall distinction honors in directing and editing of a film.

I suppose, the description would surely propitiate you all to have a simple note regarding her. For me, Anjali Menon is not only a beautiful lady who has a pile of pure succulent magical threads in her creative-innovative thoughts that I’ve seen through her director’s talent in Manjadikkuru, though she is a pakka Mallu personality who’s a lot of memories to be shared regarding the strong bond of relationships and love between the common lives in Kerala. 

It was Manjadikkuru[Lucky Red Seeds], her first debuted movie in Malayalam, which deals with the tale of homecoming family members from the late 1970’s; the story goes through the eyes of Vicky, a 10 year old boy, arrives at his grandparents’ home in a rural area of Kerala to attend his grandfather’s funeral.  The whole members in family united together for a common ceremony after a long time, though it was for a funeral function and they gathered together for the sixteen day long Kerala’s traditional burial period. During this period, Vicky discovers more about himself, his family and culture than he had expected to. The journey later narrates through the adult lurks of Vicky, who returns to the same house for having some ingenuous espy about the past memories of his Grand parents home. He came as a young man (Pritivi) to visit the old grounds he’s in memories, and finds the ‘Lucky little seeds’ scattered away. Manjadikkuru serves me a lot of tentative influxes from Anjali about the ancient Kerala’s tradition and rituals. Even though I have studied the history behind our cultures, traditions and rituals existed here from my social studies text-book years back, it was a new experience for me to have a keen benevolent being through the realistic scenes of this flick. As she expatiated us (people in Kerala) with Manjadikuru [Lucky Red Seeds] only on May 2012, most of them aren’t familiar regarding the premiere of the movie at an International Film Festival and won the award for the Best Mallu Movie and Best Dubutant Director during the year 2008. In 2009, the movie bagged enough nominations for various honors, including 5 Grand Jury Awards – Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematographer and Best Emerging Talent at SAIFF venue, New York. Other than Manjadikkuru, she has written the story-script part for Anwar Rashid’s Usthad Hotel too. She isn’t the one who is running behind fame or money. You can’t see her any interviews or TV shows. She knows what, when, where and for whom to do.  That’s why, Anjali Menon is a great attitude marker for me, personally.  

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