Unassailable Delineation

When they stares at him with a comprehensive look,

Where he was unable to face the worst situation;

Which was all because of the vicarious moments passes through his sights.

Someone hits his head-back with an tenuous rod,

And he gets failed in-front of the agony of countable mutinous fellows,

Where this innocent guy’s mind is seeking for her presence.

He couldn’t make any anxious changes for her,

But some comfortable and profound peep for himself.

Blood sheds spatters through his body in an inexplicably way.

The final hit makes him unconscious;

Which leads to an unsaturated abomination for someone.

She comes with a secularism and looks at him in an irrelevant unhinges;

And trespassed in to the corner besides him.

Drops of tears flushed her insights,

While reminding the days she has shared with him.

But it wasn’t well enough for the renovation of her lovely sweet heart.


Palisade of Love

She dozed under the dreary sunny rays;

Which helps at least for feeling some warmth over her whole body.

Even though her fellow beings stares and supports her in a mindful way;

She was still looking at the corner of a chair besides her.

He was everything similar to a comic clown for her;

Who always wish to see her with the glory of happiness, smiles and love.

The relationship they own was some genial moments of understandings;

That must be a lively example for everyone alive those days. 

It was a minor accidental death,

Which separates them with the sores of spineless future.

There is a deal which sustains in between them;

That both of them are equally dependent and living for each other.

But the faith that they supposed to face was so horrible;

Where his soul goes away from the manly hearted body.

She suddenly arises from that silent corner;

Walks like an insane gal of turgid talks;

No one in this world could separate us;

And that innocent beauty pierces the sharp pointed knife in to her empty stomach with all sorts of pain.

I’m still in love with you dear;

Which was the breathless words spells out finally by that spirited lady.



Winsome Foliages!

She has crossed 30 days of notable days in a solid space,

With 20 blooms of fervid ideas and thoughts.

It was during this antiquity in slacks under unanimous wish,

That keeps these lovely blooms stitches to walk over one World.

This is not just funny or vagary creation from a boy,

Who needs to be in touch with them all.

But it was an explicit ingress to an innovative stature of wonders.

The verdicts and shares from my vicinity blazes always adorns this arising beauty.

Within this short span of time,

She has filled her body with AMBIGUOUS strings,

Which was put forward by her blooms of sweetness along stupendous creations.

More than having a look on my nearby blooms,

It was all because of this whole world,

Who serves me a number of pals with versed inimitable attitude and personality.

Specially dedicating this post to ‘Ambiguous Words'(https://www.facebook.com/groups/Ambiguous.Words/) members! :). I’m so much glad enough to say that, our little greenish cute is growing in a healthy and quixotic way. Thanks a lot for your supports, concerns, affections and cares for our lovely beauty! Cheers to you all.\m/ 🙂