‘I’ & ‘She’

Yes! ‘She’ didn’t even think about the way ‘I’ treated here? How dare did ‘she’ behave to ‘me’ like an isolated chameleon? If ‘she’ has a mastery character of this genre, why didn’t ‘I’ find it before this penurious incident has happened on that day? Am I so rude or a fool for not to estimate her in the right sense? It’s all about ‘me’. Indeed, ‘Me’ is a joker in front of ‘her’ right now. Under the glory of ‘her‘ agile beauty, ‘he‘ forgot everything, even his wallet containing 3000$! It might be all because of his willingness to adore and care a rich gal like ‘her’, all these ridiculous incident has happened.

“’I‘ have dated ‘her’ for just ‘one‘ day and ‘she’ is going to become my ‘Bride’ Now!” *LAUGHS* *GIGGLES* *ANGRY*

Is he WEIRD?

It was by the end of that day, he decided to ask those dainty queries in front of a public place in the cyber space known as WordPress. Yes! He is bit weird because of his openness character I know. I haven’t felt anything bad about it though. Well, if you have some relevant answers to these incontinent queries from this guy, please do accept his REQUEST. LOL. He won’t care about your age group or continent or the way of life you belong to. 😀 😛

“I don’t know why I’m still SINGLE? Am I looking bad to impress a gal? How can I impress a beautiful gal? Why couldn’t I be in to a RELATIONSHIP? Can’t I live without having a partner in life? What actually will it happen if a partner comes to my life? If I’m in a relationship, will that results in any negative impact for my current freedom in life?”
Is he WEIRD?

Do you want to DATE me?

Well, I’m not going to update any specific unrivaled topic as a blog post for today! This is something which may be really interesting for you to aim or read it? Yes! It is. The owner of this space ‘Insight’ has thought of DATING someone from this blog arena. Duh! I’m so SERIOUS, Ladies and Gentlemen. 😀 😉

I’m going to offer you a FREE deal for dating a pretty cool AVERAGE and YOUNG guy like me. LOL. If that’s the case, how many of you’ll click for the positive choice as I’m expecting to hear? Here begins the countdown. 12….3……! 😀 😉

PS: Anyone can join in this vote poll! AGE DOESN’T MATTERS HERE. 😀 😉