Me and they

My identity isn’t under the control of anyone! Huh? Identity? Mmm….? Excuse me! Have you ever heard this word before? Or else, is there exists any collateral word with the same pronunciation on your dictionary? Well, I haven’t found any on mine.

‘Hey man! Who are you?’, they asked.

‘Me? Sorry! I didn’t get ya. You mean…? Who am I? I’m…. I’m what I’m. ‘, I said.

Again, they laughed out loud after hearing my response. 

‘Shit! What’s so wrong with these people??’, I thought.

Of course, I don’t even know who am I? But what about them? Why did they frequently raise their voices up against a young man and bothers him about the same “me”? Does it mean that they all were the creative heads behind the formation of an identity factor “inside”, sorry, “outside” me? If they’re, then for whom’s sake they have been questioning me like this? That too the same query for which I don’t have any specific answer to mention about. This is what they are and I’m totally fed up with their utter nonsense “single” action like this towards me.

Actually, they don’t even know me properly! Hope you also don’t know about at least one among them. Perhaps, I’m also unknown to you. Isn’t it so? If they’re complete strangers to me, how about me for them? Gosh! What the heck is going on between me, you and them? I doubt whether their intention is to keep me under certain low pressure state and robber what I had acquired so far from these days I spent on a lively planet so called earth. But why? Why..?? I often feel so stupid for being a part of this blind world.

I had lost everything except the “one” I cares so much during the mishap on last night. Is that what they needed from my side? A leaf? The one on which I scribbled an “unidentified” word and dug it inside the secret room in my home. And I’m damn sure that no one except me knew about it! I know they are much cleverer than me, though I didn’t expect this much braveness from them. 

Hurray!! “Me” inside I knew about it very well. Finally, I found it. My IDENTITY?? Iyyaaa…!

‘Stop mocking at me, Idiots! So you would like to know who I’m and regarding my identity? See, I’m fully “conscious” now!’, I said.

‘C’mon, Rahul Ashok! It’s not us, but you often feel so bad about yourself at times when we’re speaking……! Of course, I’m your enemy. But why you aren’t showing any sort of interest in us? You could at least “hate” us, ya know?’, they asked me.

‘I know…! I know everything happens all around me. Once, we were friends. I mean, so closer ones to me. On the other day, the unconscious mind inside me compelled to stay apart from you. I felt so regret in doing it, but the fact is I did it already without giving any proper explanations to you.’, I yelled at the girl who is facing me.

‘I don’t think so! Still you do love us. At one corner of your sensitive mind, you have been seeking for your near ones. Yes, you need us now. Only if so, you could survive from the present conditions for which you preferred to find an exact “answer”. Don’t ya wish to know that “reason” behind every cause in your life, Rahul?

‘Arggggg! Will you please leave me alone?”, I begged them.

‘Okay! I know very well that you’re not in the right mood to talk with me. We’re leaving now, only because Rahul Ashok means a lot to us always, whatever be the situation is. We really do miss ya, Buddy.’, she replied back and left from the little room where I was lying on the floor.

Suddenly, I wake up and run towards the other room to get my “treasure” back. The room is closed! But I have the duplicate key in my pocket.

I dig out the small area at one corner of the room to get the leaf and hence accept the real identity regarding “me”. The only piece of paper that can exchange the code regarding my identity to “me”!

‘A word starting with S and ends with R’
*No more clues or hints available*
*Find it out by yourself, Rahul Ashok*

‘But…! It’s……? Where are the letters coming in between these 2? Huh?


A mad story

Once there lived a diligent farmer named Vridhaa and his daughter Nandini in an impious locality of Nayana’s kingdom. He was an atheist who strongly believed in lively miracles rather than the highly illogical myths and worships raised by the Hinduism believers in his nation. Nandini was a firm believer of Lord Krishna though. She used to go to temples in the early mornings and late evenings for showing her devotion and love towards the almighty- who is the creator of everything in this world. Vridhaa had given a full freedom to her daughter in everything including her beliefs and faith in God; all because of the reason that her mother passed away when she was 6 years old.

‘The only girl who is a fool-shy-good looking-dad’s enemy-immorally upright being’, this was the common opinion about Nandini by the public in their area.

It was during the mid of an after Christ period, recession struck the kingdom in a very destructive manner. People in the nation started to shift and settle down in other nations to earn a living. Nayana came to know about the bad statistics of his nation, and think about an apt solution for a change which can bring his kingdom’s richness as before in every aspect.

Finally, Nayana found out the reason behind his country’s worst situation through Nandini ”someway” and they together decided to kill Vridhaa, the atheist who is responsible for the country’s scenario. 

While taking dinner, ‘Have you ever believed in God?’, Nandini asked her dad.

‘No! I’m a true believer of a science which is unknown for most among us, but the exact reason for every happenings in this world. Why did you ask so?’, Vridhaa inquired.

Nandini took the revolver which was held behind her and *Shooooo*

Vridhaa dead, Nayana ruled his wealthy nation along with Nandini as his queen in an explicit way and they lived together for many years’