My Retractable World!

I’m in a wonderland of writing,

Where the naive in me portraits some smattering ideas.

It’s a fairy land of writers and readers,

Who are well enough to implant about anything.

The hover inside me on this new world,

Had a fear of exposing my thoughts like a gleam.

Am I able to sustain on this new world with my insights,

It sounds like a fire internally over his flimsy mind.

With much courage and faith,

I started walking on this unsophisticated land for me.

With in short time, I realized;

This is a world, which welcomes all having ideas and opinions about anything.

This world rates your thoughts and ideas you expose,

Through comments and likes; that  always gives an innovation for me.

It always serves me pleasure and satisfaction,

                       To have an inexplicable walk around my wonderland.