My Princess

Canopy of her naughtiness

stings in my memories;

the refreshing blare of whispers

that ended up along with the

disruptive notions.

I looked out everywhere

with a hope to find my love-

my little princess;

except her unused room

for toys and paintings…

PS: This is a work of fiction written for Write Tribe’s Wednesday Prompt which is a Photo Prompt this time.

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Obtrusive Hopes

She holds my hands,

Looks at my eyes with the innocence of an unreserved child.

The agile beauty of the eyelashes,

Mordant glory of smile,

Venerable clarity by her chastity,

Gawks my inner heart of a lovely soul.

My hands arises,

And it touches her palpable face.

I slowly adjourn my imprecise desire,

Expresses it with an untrained HUG.

She hugs me back with a hardiness,

Which shows the bluish apparition of her TRUST on me.

“Being in a RELATIONSHIP isn’t only about finding a mate,

But it’s all about the EXPECTATIONS for unrelieved dreams in life.”