She appeared grinning cheerfully

Stood in front, in silence

Noting me from a short distance

I waited her, like I did every day

There’s a difference today, though

She’s confident, unlike before

Will you love me?

I asked her, not knowing anything

I wouldn’t; move away forever

She said, knowing everything.

Image Credits: Tumblr

A Few Explanations


When I smiled at my world

I retraced a track of favor

She had offered me

I helplessly stared at her

And stood with a query in mind

Why can’t she sense it?

I knew there were answers

She had to confess

Maybe, a few explanations

Crafted to stop me from her

But I was a meaningless chapter

Who failed to understand her

Who followed her everywhere

Who questioned her emptiness

Who stopped her many times

When she wanted her freedom

Photo Credits: i60.photobucket