Unsaid Story

A lost word from her

Has a story to be told

On his fake love.

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Not Anymore… : Part 1

Not Anymore...

She departs away

Mind fades on its way

Where am I?

Can’t I sing

nor do I ping

On her life, a melody

that overset my mood’s

moody face, everywhere..

as long as we’re

living for us to gather..

*to be continued

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One Last Time

Where are you, My love?

I kept waiting for you there..

Again and again..

So long…

To find my other part..

The one I cannot have…

But the one I really wish to have..

I turned back to walk

Still, I waited behind that bridge

Waiting for you..

Waiting for time to stop by..

That cold breeze made me numb

Yet I yearn to see your face

For one last time

PS: Yet another group blogging task together with Jensy George, The Girl With The Scorpion Tattoo. Yo yo! I always feel free to work along with her and let my simple thoughts flow so freely, especially with the romantic stuffs. It’s such a great pleasure to have a buddy like ya here, Girl. I would love to group blog with ya whenever it’s possible. If you haven’t ever been to her blog, have a look, Folks. 🙂

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– Rahul

Pretentious Facade

Right through the middle of my heart,
She pours her limpid feelings,
The radiant glory of love on me.
I doubt, why she does love me today?
We were apart for years,
Makes no sense for others!
In fact, there was a reason,
An oblivious one,
With a staple thread,
That compels her to hate me.
But the same conditions persists,
And I’m still the world’s best fool!

I do not know why she still believes
After all what I put her through
You would think the heart would bleed
You would think the heart will kill
And still she smiles
And still she winks
My heart wonders
My brain curses
Was all the pretense in vain?
Did she see through my game?
As I ponder at my foolishness,
She smiles at my thoughts
Will she pick me again?
Or is she gearing for a new start?

PS: A group blogging post that I did together with Shruti Fatehpuria from Calcutta, India. Well, she is an Engineer by profession and love being known as a poetry writer. She has a number of beautifully written poetries on her blog and those who haven’t ever visited her blog can check it out here:

Well, it’s such a great pleasure for me to work together with ya and I’m eagerly looking forward to work on the next ASAP, Shrutiji. Have a good day. God bless. xoxo