The Watchman

“No way, Rahul! It is not so easy for the late comers, get into the class, you know. C’mon… Run as fast as you can. If we’ll not reach there by school time, I’m damn sure that he’ll penalize us”, my friend screamed out at me.

Hahaha! Why are you so serious, Man? He might punish us as always. But what’s so wrong with it? We’re the late comers in our school itself, uh?”, I said.

Ummmm…! Yes, but still….”, he doubted.

It almost took around half an hour more for us to get to the schoolhouse gate. But it had already been closed; unlike the other days. While I was seeing through the city’s best school’s gate, a portly man in his 40’s outlook, and who has a thick mustache and hangs a militant rifle in one of his side turn off through my vision of being a latecomer. His rough look itself had proved that he is our school’s new watchman.

“Hey kids! You’re not presupposed to be late like this. Where were you? Why you’re so late?”, his anger struck up on us.

“We…. We…. missed our school bus and hence….”, my friend exclaimed.

“Okay… Don’t repeat this anymore, ok? I shall let you in now only for today. Both of you got me well, right?”, he called for us.

“Yes, Sir. Shall we?”, he replied him back with an utmost hope to escape from his rough approach.

“No, Sir! I didn’t get you. Can you briefly explain to me what you just said now?”, I interrupted my friend’s choice to grow in.

Perchance, my close mate’s innocence convinced his poor judgment; he allowed only him to amaze in.

“What do you want to know from me, Kid?”, he asked.

“I already said it. Excuse me, please. Can you allow me to go in? Or else, I shall ring my daddy today. He is least bothered regarding his son, being a late comer in his school. Then why you should?”, I asked him in a depressed quality.

“Hmm…! So here we’re… Look at your friend. He is a coward, I know. Even you too! But you’ve the backbone to produce your voice at least. I liked your attitude anyway”, he told me.

Hahahah! Your good name, please?”

“Ravinder Singh”

“Okay, Singh. That means there is no need of calling my dad this time, who has been teaching here, so that he can properly concentrate on his pending worksheets and lectures.  Glad that he can correct my lately written Mathematics exam’s answer sheet too. Thank you so much for your simple cum humble approach towards me. Have a good day. See you in the evening”, I engraved upon him and he opened the gate.

As I counted backwards, after getting hold of certain steps from him, he was still standing in front of the gate in his sober mode.

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That Day

Sometimes, I forget the intentions to be accomplished in my life, the things I’ve to be done before that day. They constantly address it as a sacred moment- a couple seconds which helps to interpret the other face in me- a hooked path yet to be unknotted…..

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Complete Their Stories

They can’t hide their choices and decisions for others. Every one among them are like me or you. Yes, they’re also human beings. If we can lead a life in the way we create, sometimes irrespective of caring others, and accomplish whatever we want in life till the day of retirement from this planet so-called earth, then why can’t they do the same too? Perhaps, they’ve disabilities which we don’t have! Unlike us, they can’t either talk or see or hear me or you properly. Most of us would consider them as the unlucky fellows in the society we’re living. We might say they’re useless! But… But is this all because of their ‘fate’ factor that they’re subjected to all these frustrations and desperate conditions in life?

If you’ve a precise answer to those queries I’ve asked above, and then I shall tell you that you’re the right person for whom I’ve been seeking since the age of 15. When I come across this video, “2 cameras, 2 kids and a very different city of dreams”, I thought it would be a usual motivational or money-making business stuff. But by the beginning of the story in the video clip itself has welcomed me into a new thing that I haven’t ever seen before. Like, a new vision of hopes and enlightenment entitled together with a very clever title. I loved the innovative concept behind the running of  Koshish School for the Deaf located in a quiet corner in a city that welcomes million dreams.The little kiddos who have been slowly weaving their day-to-day moments for a bright tomorrow, together with the helping hands of a group of peaceful minded people made my day! In fact, they’re the real and blessed human beings who have been enjoying their life with utmost care and happiness.

The Journey Of Doing Right speaks a lot to you about these people- the ones who were born as the luckiest blooms of our living planet. Keeping the penny we’ve in our pockets does make us rich by prestige and show off’s, but it only lasts till the day when our life ends here. Meanwhile, if we can help people like them at least through a half penny we earn and put a smile on their innocent faces, it’ll definitely lasts forever, uh?

PS: I’ve written this post for the #DoRight contest, conducting by Tata Capital in connection with Indiblogger.

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Start-up of a new blog,

An ugly piece of drug

Taken by a writer!

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His Sister

There was something sinister hidden in his scheming mind; the side of which he had never shown his sister. After a long time waiting, he saw his chance to exact revenge for what she had done the previous day. He came back to his home with every intention of killing her.

When he opened the side door, he was surprised to see his little sister’s innocent, angelic expression. She just smiled and ran towards him, and gave him a tight hug, enveloping her elder brother in her love. His anger quickly melted away within that short space of time, and they played another new game together.

This is a pure work of fiction written for Write Tribe’s 100 Words on Saturday – 2014 # 1 and UBC Day 4

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