Do you want to DATE me?

Well, I’m not going to update any specific unrivaled topic as a blog post for today! This is something which may be really interesting for you to aim or read it? Yes! It is. The owner of this space ‘Insight’ has thought of DATING someone from this blog arena. Duh! I’m so SERIOUS, Ladies and Gentlemen. 😀 😉

I’m going to offer you a FREE deal for dating a pretty cool AVERAGE and YOUNG guy like me. LOL. If that’s the case, how many of you’ll click for the positive choice as I’m expecting to hear? Here begins the countdown. 12….3……! 😀 😉

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Percipient 2013


As you all know, we’re almost behind the birth of an innovative year of expectations and hopes! May be, this year 2012 in which you’re IN now wouldn’t give satisfaction and promotion up to a limit which you have expected. You may have this year as memorable one with auspicious events or worst one ever. For me, this year wasn’t an amicable one filled with tangible stately incidents. But I must have to agree with the fact that, it was during this year my blog related works had started. Yeah! The birth of ‘Insight’ was in May, 2012 and it directly paved the paths for his owner to own such a great ecstatic writing space which was an unknown area for him before. I’m really blessed with this year in that arena. It was all because of this year, I’m still ON here. 😀 🙂

For me, 2013 can be considered as an year without any hopes or wishes. Not only for this year! I didn’t take any decisions regarding what to do or dreamt of simply and inaccurately for a spontaneous CHANGE before a New Year birth yet. I’m not a guy who is focusing on his near FUTURE coming ahead and lose his PRESENT via which he is living now. But there is ONE goal for this coming year which I would like to do as a special note. I’m glad to share it with you all as well. It’s not so an elaborated one though. 😛

“As a son, I will definitely spend much time with my family as far as I could during this 2013”

Now here comes the chance for you! Do you have any such specific goals to attain in this 2013? Feel free to share with this writer’s space. 🙂