Genial Ramble

I wish to fly like a bird,

So that no one could control me.

It does not matter, where I go,

Or where am I right now.

Freedom is a histrionic path,

Where the way I’m going to fly is an exuberant ledge.

I may have to travel along with the boisterous schedules,

Face the unfamiliar challenges of slicks,

Meet strange events of manifold characters,

Mix up with the ever rending climatic conditions.

But the only HOPE in front of me is the  glittering TARGET,

Which I have to achieve through this journey,

And the blessings of almighty for a safer perambulation.


Eid Mubarak

“Allah is the guardian of those who believes and faith on him. He brings them out from the darkness to the peaceful minded glory”

Eid Mubarak wishes to all my dear folks over here in WP family. May all your dreams come through with his blessings and showers on you! God bless. 🙂 🙂
Have a great Sunday ahead. Cheers.\m/ 🙂


Dynamic Views Series: No.026!

Seraphic Glory :

Lightning the lamp during the prayer schedules in the evenings is a typical Kerala tradition following in Hindu families! In addition to the lightning of lamp, we’ll spell out a number of PRARTHANA’s (logical god worshiping scripts) for the blessings, strength and wisdom on us. One among the mind glowing piece is as follows. 🙂

Rama rama rama rama rama rama pahimam
Rama padam cherane mukunda rama pahimam
Rakshasanthaka mukunda rama rama pahimam
Lakshmana sahodara shubha vathara pahimam
(rama rama)
Nanmughendra chandra sankaradi
Devarokkeyum palkkadal kadham
Kadannu koodidunna thokkeyayi (rama rama)

Vazhthidunna suktha pangthi
Kettunarnnu bhangiyil mangidathanugraham
Kodutha rama pahimam (rama rama)

Ravanendrajith kubhakarnaraadhi dushtare
Kalaloka kayachu loka shanthi njan varuthidam
(rama rama)
Enna sathya vakkurachu kondu nalla velayil
Bhoomiyil ayodhyayil piranna rama pahimam
(rama rama)
Bharyaya sitha yoth ayodhya nokki vannidum
Ramane parashu ramanagedutha karanam (rama rama)

Darppa santhi yeki nalla vaishnavum dhanusine
Kaikkalakki vannu chernna rama ramapahimam
(rama rama)
Lekshmi thante amshamaya sita yothu raghavan
pushtamodamanga ayodha thannil vanirikkave
(rama rama)
Rajya bharamokke ramanekuvan dasharadhan
Manasathilorthurachu rama rama pahimam
(rama rama)
Enkilum vidhithalathe adarichu raghavan
Sithayothu lakshmanartham ekanayi
Mahavanam (rama rama)

Chennirikkave aduthu vannoru dharakanayi
Padukum koduthu vitta rama rama pahimam
(rama rama)


Who is God? :)

Let me ask you some questions before we move in to the topic. I don’t know, whether there would be apt answers for each and every questions included below. Anyway, let’s have a look on that my dear blooms…. 🙂
Who is God?? Where did he comes from?? Did you ever saw him really?? Is he the creator of this world we are living now?? How he gets enough power to do this sort of magical extremes?? What does spirituality means?? Can’t we live without the presence of God?? Why there are separate almighty’s for Hindus, Christians, Muslims….etc…etc..??Even though he is a beloved person for all, why can’t he save us from the natural calamities, wars and all which is happening around the world in between??

Any PAKKA answers for the above mentioned facts??


All this came to my mind when mom complains always about that I’m not going to temple or church these times, when I started going to college… I was a boy who used to run to my Murugan or Saraswathi or Jesus Christ once at least once in a month during school days. Now why I don’t feel to go there? Why? It is just because, I always convey my each moment to them, speak to them when I am alone looking at nothing, with full belief that they hear me and they love to hear me. I don’t want a time or place for that. I feel it senseless, to find points artificially and telling them. They know me, I know them. And that’s more than enough. Moreover, my concept of temple is that it is a place where you are said to gain positive energy, a place where each one of you bow down irrespective of positions and richness, a place where a virtual complaint box is there, a bribing give and take…. I always leave it to people who believe and those who get a confidence with it. For me, I don’t want it for all that. I feel certain other things more important. 🙂

I know myself well, who the real god is! 🙂

My mother…my temple is her heart…when she feels happy because of me, I feel that it is the blessing from god…and gets the confidence that I get more power and energy. My positivity is her smile for me. I am her complaint box, her consolation, hence it is not a one way process…. That is why I consider it more than a temple… And i get so happy with small things very soon… like what I used to say, giving water and food for those birds and animals, touching earth first with my hands asking for permission to step on it as I wake up, the sincere love and care that I can show to my dear ones… That is the real blessing for me… God is in those small acts…small smiles of others because of me…that brings the most positive energy that drives me forward… God send me angels in the right time and makes them do things for me… I feel the miracle many a times… 🙂
Am I not blessed? Do I want more with the walls and idols in a temple? :/

We all are just spectators of him! 🙂

This is a kind letter from your son, Mom! 🙂

My dear Amma,
I have more lively figures of your gods in and around me! They smile with your lips, they bless me with your arms that hold me… You pray for me, you smile for me and I shall be blessed. 🙂

“Living characters are the PERFECT examples of God ALMIGHTY