Blog it or not?

‘What’s blogging?’

‘How many hours you’ve to spend in a day for blogging?’

‘What’s the benefit of being having a personal blog?’

‘What makes you feel good while sharing your own written articles with others?’

These were a very few questions raised by my dad when I started the activity of blogging. Even I also got confused while hearing all these FAQ’s, especially aimed towards a newbie blogger like me. But later, I gradually started to realize what actually does this blogging experience mean to me. In fact, my intentions behind this activity were so unclear until 6 or 7 months back; though I have a tagline as a blogger since May, 2012.

For me, life is all about experiencing the unexpected miracles through accepting the facts. Whenever I feel so happy or sad regarding anything happening in my life, there must be a notable ex-factor or reason runs behind its cause. Well, these factors or reasons would be either visible or invisible at its beginning stages. But only a tangible reason and time can solve a tougher problem in its most vivid manner. Perhaps, it might be because of this positive or negative attitude in me, that always works in any situation, whatever be the reason is. Blogging also paved a complete pathway for me to travel through a wide variety of experiences. 

My introduction to blogging was too coincidental. I had spent too much of my time for keeping a better traffic on my little blog at the initial blogging days and transformed myself into a full-time blogger. I was also interested in checking and reading wonderfully scripted posts by other bloggers rather than updating mine. It was where, reading, a habit unknown to me started to rise up slowly and became a part of my regular life. But one day, my blog asked me to keep focusing my eyes on the quality of contents I’ve been updating rather than giving much importance for the regular blog updates. It certainly worked well, like a miracle, and thereafter I kept looking forward to make a unique identity in front of a large number of bloggers from different parts of the world. It was then I realized what actually does a blog needs from his maker.

I didn’t really need to put such a huge effort by spending more time in online for its normal growth, though I’ve to spend at least a day in a week or so to share the insights I own through my little blog and keep him alive. Hence blogging itself as just a word is a palatable experience for a 20-year-old guy like me. It provided me a magnificent platform to express my random thoughts, or at least a kind of positive mutation for the frequency of creative ideas directly coming out from me. In addition to all these benefits, I have a vast opportunity to connect with the blogging people from all around the world via their visits back to check out my updates on the blog and leaving the most sincere feedbacks about it too. I also try to keep contacts with many of them through other social media networks as well. So far, I have been discovering a writing as well as reading pleasure personally through a prolific cyber space and love for being a part of it.

Currently, my dad is also so willing to inquire about the progress I’ve acquired from this platform. I don’t know why? But he asked me to stay active on the blog whenever I wish, keeping this in mind that my studies shouldn’t go down. This is what I’m now and still looking forward to explore more about myself, the reasons behind my every action and how the time will deed for miracles to happen in my life in the same manner. 

I’m not a KID!

‘What’s blogging?’

‘How many hours you have to spend in a day for the blogging related activities?’

‘What’s the benefit of being having a personal blog?’

‘Why can’t a regular day scholar be a part of the blogging family?’

These were very few questions inquired to me by my mom when I have started the activity of blogging. Even I also got confused when she asked me these queries at first. But later, I realized what actually did this blogging experience mean. Yes, my intentions behind this activity was so unclear until 6 or 7 months back; I have an experience as a blogger for 14 months though

For me, life is all about experiencing lively experiences. Whenever I feel so sad or happy about something, there must be a reason behind it. The reason behind its cause may be invisible or hidden to me in the initial states. But only a good reason and time can solve a tougher problem in its most vivid manner. This can be compared with the solving of a mathematical problem in which its understanding, accesment and steps for solving it does matter. Only if so, we could find out the right answer at the right time with a right reason through a number of ways for a specific question. Hence blogging as a term is a huge experience for me in my life itself. It serves at least a kind of +ve mutation for the frequency of my thoughts. I have been discovering a vast writing as well as reading pleasure personally through this platform and love for being a part of it so far. 

I'm not a KID!

‘I’m not a kid! This isn’t the right way of asking queries by a mom to his 20 years old son. Rahul Ashok has grown up enough and he is familiar and confident about what he have been doing now.’, my mom smiled and kissed me after hearing this response for the same above mentioned queries during her attack against my blogging tasks last time. 🙂 🙂