It’s time for me to stay away from them;

I know that they hate me.

My heart lacks the entirety of happiness,

Intentions about the rising future,

And the absurd visions which they have in me.

But I can’t enforce their dreams in me;

I don’t know why?

It’s time for me to stay away from them;

I know that they hate me much more than as before now.

My heart reveals the toxic nature,

Static visuals inside it,

And the angular strings of the sins I did.

But they haven’t ever tried to understand me;

I don’t know why?

Glib of Plights!

Wealth doesn’t means HAPPINESS only!

When someone gets caught under an unexpected disease or situation,

It would be hard enough for them to sustain at that instant.

Being strange in having something new comparing with other aspects,

This will be an excess burden for them to caper in life.

But a query is still hiding behind this prone shard,

Why god blessed me with this sort of tremulous suffering.

I ain’t laughing at all of them having worries,

When they faces worst situations.

God is such a great starlit,

Who needs us in a contiguous form of all feelings.

Whether it is bad or god,

Everyone among us must have a verifiable hope on him.

Life is such a wide shore of unsustainable truths,

Where every situation is an innovative challenge.