Golden Fish

The agony of a fish

In the glass bowl kept inside

The recess in his room. 

Photo Credits: Google Images

Portraits: Open Street

Hey WordPress blooms! I’m going to begin a photography series- Portraits- which consists of the images I have had taken using my mobile  (Sony Xperia) cam and update here in my blog, in a weekly basis. I mean, from today onwards, I’ll be giving a photographic update on every Friday until the December end of next year. I wish I could update a few images within this one-year period, which have something to be shared with the blogging world. Hope you all will enjoy going through it. Have a great weekend. Enjoy!
PS: The images I’ll be updating here would be slightly edited ones, since the images are taken using a mobile cam with 3.2 MP, and to improve the image clarity for a better view.

Open Street

Location: Fort Kochi, India.

Portraits: Open Street

Fried ‘CAT’

Chicken fried in the oil!

A cat ran away from the home,

With his mouth closed.