Intelligible Moment

It was an impetus moment of dreams for them,

Where they hold their hands each-other,

Similar to a BOND of faith and trust.

She melts down like an ice under the hotness of his chest,

When they hugged for the first time.

A wide variety of expressions strikes out from their mind,

And it finally ends with the usual ROMANCE oriented symbol.

A pair of brawny lips leads to the emergence of a KISS,

That gives a heartfelt pleasure to both of them.


My Beloved Heart!

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She came from the flimsy beauty of agile,

That strikes in to my heart through fragrant exquisite of lurid smiles.

I always used to see her stunning beauty through the void,

When she lurks her peaceful shawl off.

I accepts her as a gal that she is,

And that I do not wish to change her into someone else.

I do not expect perfection from her,

Just as she do not expect it from me.

I will love and stand nearby her, even through the worst conditions.

I know the deepest secrets and do not judge her for them,

Still asking in return only that she do not judge me for mine. 

I cares her enough to fight for,

What we have in those memorable days.

 Thinking of you, dreaming of you, wanting and needing you constantly,

And hoping that you feel the same way for me.

Photo credits: Thattathin Marayath movie.



‘Why…?’ is a question that should be asked to yourself more than to others, when it comes to relationships. Actually, being from single to a relationship will always favor such kind of questions in between the partners I guess. It will be “She“, who has much more thoughts about the other in comparing with “him” though. Why does he behave so to me, why not to the other, why he seems to escape from me and such questions have more stronger answers within yourself than in him. I feel that in certain relationships one suffocates the other and derives the pleasure of possessing. Possessing in the sense, he should by mine ONLY! And if the other tries to free up, there will be more strangling with so many “Why’s“. Sometimes we don’t try to imagine the least about the hell that the other might be going through, when still you got the replies in between. When you should be happy with those responses that you had got, you tend to complain about what you hadn’t?? LOL. 😀 😛 . You question about why he is on Facebook or any other social circle , when she ‘is supposed’ to keep responding to you. Why? Ask yourself. And then your next question would be ‘why he doesn’t tell his problems to me?? :P. This question too is a kind of asserting, that I should know everything about you. It is the other who should choose, the other who has to give response with full heart, the other who has to hear your complaints while he struggles to get to you once he feels at least a bit mentally free. 

“Love and friendship isn’t about suffocation, but about setting free and seeing her happiness and gratitude in her freedom in space. That’s all for now from me, this other ‘he’… “

Now, let me tell you about the Insights I own about this ‘Whys’ in between partners! :). I’m gonna name these two partners or lovers as ‘needy‘ and ‘deserved‘! 😀 . The two terms ‘needy’ and ‘deserved’ have so much in common and so much in contrast between each other. As we search for word meaning of these two terms, ‘needy’ is “wanting or needing affection, attention, or reassurance, especially to an excessive degree” while the ‘deserved’ is “to be worthy of the merit“. ‘Needy’ is all about the cries while ‘deserved’ is more about ‘merit in silence‘. In life, when it comes to relationships, the main fault that we commit is the known/unknown ignorance in the proper application of the terms. We just confuse, scramble and get twisted. Just think, you call or message the ‘needy’ ones mostly, when the ‘deserved’ waits for you without demanding. Sometimes you even go for wrong options when you have to pay for a lifetime. For a light example, there will be a lot of love proposals for a girl, when the majority will be needy and a very small minority will be the deserved ones. But what happens the most is opting for the needy, while the deserved walks back. The needy will always cry, demand and seek attention, while the deserved waits. Have a careful selection between them in each of your steps in life. Practice it so well, so that it becomes an unconscious act of yourself. Most importantly, try to be not a ‘needy’, but a ‘deserved’ creature for yourself and for others.

“There are dimensions for these two terms and the applicability. Try thinking and challenge your thoughts! The terms are actually needy and deserved, in all ways! ;).”


Quizzical Bulwark!

Love was not a winsome feeling in between them,

But it was a bond of adjectival and credible of their relationship.

Fall in love is a natural slat,

Which makes someone in a queerly world of immensities.

It was an alliance of truth and faith,

That keeps them in some redolent days of satiny.

When it becomes a poky reationship,

They dogged towards each other in a sorrel shine.

Their hearts melts like an ice,

Under a prissy amiable sunbeam. 

They can’t stay comfortably even without seeing,

Each other during their regular precipitate schedules. 

Sparkles of affection deeply rooted into,

that young affable teens for countable months.

Presumably once they realizes that the departure,

Is just a specious convection errands around them.

Image credits: Thattathin Marayathu (Google)

I’m specially dedicating this post for the present TEENS! 🙂 🙂