She is mine

I pampered her all through the paths in my world.

Not with an unruffled objective,

But for the notary rights,

Semantic interests,

Explicit belief,

Harmonious wishes,

And ‘something‘ she owns in me.

I don’t know what it is,

Or why didn’t I ask her about it yet.

When she comes nearer to me,

A doubtless incarnation will spell around me.

She knows,

I’m ‘everything‘ for her.

But still, I don’t know,

Why she is more than ‘anything‘ for me.

When she kisses me,

I can’t keep my adrenaline rush to control the normal human desire,

Perhaps, they are just emotions;

Can be controlled or not?

I wish,

Nope, I could control it.

If I can’t,

What’s the difference between me and a rapist for her?

Review: Trivandrum Lodge

As a teenage viewer, I guess “Trivandrum Lodge” is a highly recommendable option for the teenagers and adults of 20-30 age, since the script reveals some (may be FULLY) diligence in maintaining the MASALA PART included sequences and talk-outs, which was handled by the new Mallu sparky director, Mr.V.K.Prakash. Being frank, when the movie had trespassed in to the big screen, I felt this one as a PAKKA A-padam class. This feeling curled throughout the movie, EXCEPT the scenes between Anoop Menon and Bhavana by the 2nd half and the climax part. Rest of all, onnum parayanilla. Para sex related unanimous subtends by Jayasurya, Saiju Kurupp and that “THADI VECHA APPOPPAN”. Thesni Khan rocked throughout the movie as a whore and her funny conversations in dealing with those stuffs were little breath-taking though. Honey Rose showed off her gorgeous looking assets and ATTITUDE as a MODERN 21st century beauty, which can be considered as a substantive attempt from her. The versatile kings in the industry, Janardhanan and Sukumari did their role as better as they can with kinda notable dialogues and expressions and Jayachandran’s debut into the field of acting is an acceptable one, even though he couldn’t handle in expressing the dialogue part. It’s a kind note that, Jayasurya-Anup Menon combination worked well here on this flick too even though it does not have any prominence over the current social issues of this year, but can be included under another “Ee Adutha Kalathu” movie title quality only. 

 The love story between the two lovely cum young kids visualised through this flick expels a variety of thoughts for the whole Mallu viewers since they were under the spells of LALETTAN-MAMMOKKA trend for the past 50-60 years. Apart from that, this movie can be titled under a ‘CHANGE’ by the new genre youngsters.The songs composed by Jayachandran and background score by Bijipal rocked as always and Najeeb (ISS fame), who had sung the melody song in the movie, is just HILARIOUS in all respects.

So putting all these MASALA’s in to consideration, Trivandrum Lodge is a watchable movie for ADULTS only.

 PS: I haven’t spoken much about the plot of the movie. If you wish to know about it, check it out here in Wiki bro. 😀 
Rating: 3.8/5

Expeditious Relationship!

She stares at me for the first time,

That hits my heart like a bruising spatula.

The reason behind this keen look,

Would be just some dainty misunderstandings she has on me.

But it did not  hurts or provokes me,

Through the words of fire over her.

I’m so much lucky enough to have a partner like her,

Who has a sovereign equality with me.

She will always be there within me,

Whether there is happiness or sadness appears in our life.

It’s all because of her,

I’m being in this world to capture the snaps of real life.