My Movie Project

Obtrusive Hopes

I have done a movie as a part of the National Level Campus Short-Film Contest conducted by Malayalam Manorama Yuva during the year 2012-2013. It was really a very new experience for me and we were there in the top-50 short list out of 400+ total entries received in the Fest. ‘Obtrusive Hopes‘ is a Malayalam short film which displays the story of a random portrait of a stranger. 

Written and Directed: Rahul Ashok

Production partner: Crunchy Reds Media

Script: Arjun Sankar

Camera: Jerrin Joseph

Editing: Rijo Johnson

Background Score & Music: Eby Benny

Sound Effects: Manu

Official Movie Page: Obtrusive Hopes

Cast: Anenas Lawrence, Eby Benny, Savio Seabastian, Rijo Roy, Rahul, Merlin John.

Location: Kochi, India.

Click here for the link to the officially released video of Obtrusive Hopes.

25 thoughts on “My Movie Project

    • Thank you so much for stopping by my little space and commenting activity, Chechi! I’m glad to hear that you liked it. Have a good day ahead. God bless. 🙂
      PS: Will definitely get back to your blog soon! I wasn’t in a right mood to read blog posts while checking out your blog around 01:30 am today. 😀


    • Thank you so much, Lidiya! I personally do consider this as not the best work of mine when the perfection comes under consideration. Will do try my level best to avoid the faults in my current project. 🙂 🙂


  1. So you are casted here in this great film Rahul?! And you are also writer and director? Wow – I am impressed. This was a school project maybe??? ~ Excellent! 🙂 x RL

    • lol! I hope you saw me there in the movie and glad to hear that you’re impressed about it as well. Yayaya! 😀 🙂
      Yeah, I did this for a National level contest conducted here. Thank you so much for your humble feedback, Robyn. 🙂


    • Thank you so much for stopping by and leave your valuable comment about the post. I’m glad that you liked the movie. 🙂
      Of course! I’ll be doing one by the mid of Dec, 2013. Have a good weekend ahead. God bless. 🙂


      • I used to review short and long films for the Toronto International Film & Video Awards and rate them as well as provide a written critique. I would be pleased to take a look at yours before you enter it. I still review screenplays for them.

  2. I did not quiet get the last thing in your movie…about ‘what’ you mentioned about the man’s situation ? You mean man/women or just man ? Umm…

    • I just meant to reveal out the nakedness of a man’s mind under certain challenging circumstances. Didn’t ya understand anything happening by the climax part of the movie? 🙂


  3. I too couldn’t understand the end.
    The movie started well and held the attention till the last.
    Very good one if this your first one.

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