Corrective Notions

When the past virtual events hold through my mind, I couldn’t resist myself from breaking into an extensive path of some bitter experiences in life. Within this 19 years of my life journey with my parents, I had strangely faced a number of coincidental lackluster which hurts my heart to an extreme level of challenges that a teenager could face. May be you would have played farce roles in your life as well! I firmly believe in this nature’s rule that,

“Behind every challenge you would face in life, there always exists a new lesson to acquire for a better future”

This can be considered as a mental melodrama we could play in our own life. But the contrast we may feel about this ‘’Happy-Go-Lucky Rule”* while putting into practice is, “Will this WORK OR NOT?” Actually the contrast which I mentioned above is still hidden under this query and it can be revealed only after specifying the answer though! You just guess what will be the answer if I chuck this query in front of you? If my prediction goes right in this aspect, most of you will approach me with a BIG NO! If it’s a NO, what’s the reason behind it? Is it cause of your fear of doing a challenging activity? Why can’t you face life with this kind of garbled remorse?

When I was a kid, my mom used to teach me the childhood lessons without following any cryptic way. It was all because of her determination and faith in her son, Rahul Ashok is still alive and being in contact with you all. Isn’t it? As a kid, I must do naughty stuffs and pranks of doughty fetters when I was with her. If a mom would bear such challenges from his son, why couldn’t we curtail and take action against some lively challenges in life? It doesn’t mean that you must have to sit/stand simply while feeding a hooked challenge which you’re supposed to face. But you shouldn’t be blind or dumb in facing a challenge.In which all areas we are facing oppositions of frailty of implacable rattling? Family, relationships, work, personal, financial, health and what not. We’re surrounded by problems in all those above mentioned streams, huh? Most of us haven’t done anything bad, try and lead a good life, yet we’re the ones who’ve maximum problems? Why? Ever thought why do we have unending problems in life? I had heard once from mom that, “Problems are the ‘ after effects ‘ of the bad deeds which we have done in our past lives as well as in this life…. Every organism on earth has to go through this…no one can escape this fact! God isn’t trying to get any benefit from any one. But for the transfer of benefits to us, he must have to test us ya know? If you do good deeds in this life you will reap the benefits in this as well as in the next life. There is no permanent solution to problems but we can reduce their effects to a great extent with the help of prayer and positive attitude in life.” Well, I can’t agree with her totally as her concepts do belonging to astrology and divinity related matters. As you all know I’m not a strong believer of God and regular temple or church visitor. For me, God is someone who controls the whole world for its better sustenance, peace, equality and all between the living things and non living things.

We’re living in a century where brutal acts against women and child, terrorism, war fights, poverty.. etc… etc… are recurring as a part of indecent formations of human beings. If God is there to save us from this trenchant burns, why do we still live in a community of that sort? I think that’s why we do usually call our journey in this revolving planet as LIFE. When things are good, LIFE is good. When things are bad, we just want to bang our heads somewhere. We humans tend to make mistakes in the choices and actions that we take or choose in this lively journey. Problems have been building resistance in overcoming difficulties in life. We must have to overcome them with will power, confidence and learn new chapters from it. It’s just like when we were KIDS, tried to walk but fell down countless times. Look at yourself now! A PROBLEM is only a CHALLENGE if we viewed negatively. Yes, some things are horrible, we wouldn’t wish them to face in life, but if we learn from these problems and find solutions, then we can rejoice as a trend-setter while facing problems at its worst level, not a human being who is going to succumb. The ability to solve problems or learn from them is what has kept humanity even now. Go ahead and face the problems with much courage. Feel the difference and enjoy every moment in life. 


Unaccustomed Relationship

Disclaimer: All the characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 😀 😛

It was his first day at Degree College, where a bunch of freakish guys and young good-looking gals were waiting at the common visitor’s room for their names to be called by the attendant, who is a fatty middle-aged man. Since the Principle of the College wasn’t able to reach there by the exact scheduled time for admission procedures, most of them start aiming simply here and there for long. Some of them had a keen look on their mobile phones for texting or browsing related activities and parents besides them was eagerly waiting for the arrival of the Head of the Institute. Few of the young-looking teenage guys were in hurry for making contacts with the new beautiful girls, with whom they are gonna have some progressive changes at –least in the days coming by the way. 😉 Suddenly our hero, Ram came into the scene with a convenient attitude as he knows that, most of them sitting out there were in an inclement mood. He couldn’t resist his mischievous and rough character, so that he starts shouting at the attendant for delay in starting the admission procedures. It was during that instant, one among the guardian (who can’t control his temper) of a gal sitting near to him rises ahead and joined with this guy for the compatible objections against the authority. Actually, if that condition worsens further, definitely Ram would go for the lick against that fatty college staff. But the moment when he saw that gal, who sat behind her Papa leads to the fall of a lovely ripple on his heart. Even though, the ratty talks goes in between her dad and the staff member, Ram was in a forlorn situation where he can’t spell or take a step ahead in-front of her. It was his first ablaze crush met by him on a gal. She looks to be having a good attitude, character and the most important reason for his crush over her was the silence and shyness of that beautiful angel itself. Finally, the Principle came after a prolonged intricate conditions, which was going over there. Without much delay, they begins the admission related procedures and the mental destruction happens for Ram became highly obscene after sometime. He was INSANE enough for being a part of her in his whole life within that short span of time. The most interesting interjection was his instructional make-ups of life regarding that angel, who is still personally unknown for him. But his determination and thoughts about her leads up to the level of getting married and he interjects those dreams while thinking about her dad. Anyway, both of them earned their confirmation pass for the administration related department course on that same day and left with a symbolic return to their new college.

The innovative academic year begins within 2 weeks by the end of admission related procedures. It was by the 17th day of our hero’s day at college, he had an adjustable talk with our heroine when she was on her way back to home. He was a regular follower of her by the end of evening class sessions though.

He: “Hello! I guess you have completed your schooling at Bhavans( a prominent school in Kerala), uh? 😛 (Just to have a start-up talk with her, he begins with that musty query)

She: Nope, I was a Choician (Another school from Kerala).

He: Oho! Okay. I had seen a junior gal of your appearance at Bhavans during my +2 grade level and just mentioned it with you. 😛 😀 Anyway, I’m Ram from Kochi. And you?

She: I’m Namitha from Kochi itself. May I ask you a query, which has a prominent relevance in the current situation?

He: Eh? Excuse me! I didn’t get you. What do you mean?

She: Are you kidding me? I know what kind of relationship you are actually expecting from me.

He: Means?

She: Hey! Do you want to date me?

He: I……! I’m……… (He can’t even have a normal breath after hearing this soaked response from her)

She: Hey, I’m seriously asking you! Do you have any sort of mentality like that to me?

He: Umhhh…! Shall we have a cup of tea from the canteen please?

She: Haha! Why not? Come on dude! 😀

[They came to college canteen and she ordered 2 cups of tea, since Ram was in dreary mood to speak something.]

She: Hey Ram! You didn’t tell me. I don’t have enough time to spare out here. It’s already late now. I have to go back to home soon.

He: Okay! I’m also not interested in continuing this rubbish flirting talks in between us. In fact, I’m truly in love with you, Namitha. I know each and everything about you by observing you for all these days and couldn’t resist myself being without you in my life. This is not just an infatuation, but something which can be comparable with a true love. Trust me dear. 🙂

She: I can understand your feelings, dude! But this is all because of your present age, Ram. Let me think about it in detail and will give you my response as soon as possible. Don’t feel bad even if my response is a negative one for you. Okay?

He: Yeah, take your-own time, Namitha. Don’t hesitate to tell me, even if the response is a negative one.

She: Yeah, sure!

The twist that happens later on their story was, she gives a positive response to our hero and he dated her for the whole 3 years of college life. Later, they got married too. It was after the marriage, some fluctuations stares at their life as some sort of inferiority complexes and voids on their gregarious conditions. And someway, it finally ends up with a divorce though.

“We will not able to love or care about anymore all because of the reason that, our personalities and nature are extremely indifferent to each other”, a wacky explanation from both of them.

This is one among the major harsh fact for those who shifts their dating to a relationship or marriage scheme. This is just a tale, which reveals the rustles aspects in a dating, which gets converted to a  life-time relationships. I couldn’t say that, love marriage is always a failure. Exceptions would be there, but still I have seen a number of my unexpected pals who fell into “Dating–>Marriage” relationship and finally ended up with a break-up (Divorce). The same aspects are occurring in arranged marriages too. But it will be in a different way through reputation, wealth, vocation and all of a family. As the person is supposed to marry a gal will be chosen by his beloved parents or relatives on the basis of culture, background or profession only. Hence, there would occur some mismatches which is a quite natural problem that has to be healed up in arranged marriage nominal.

According to my personal views, whether it’s love or arranged marriage; one must care, support and love his/her partner in the whole-life time with all the incrustations in WEALTH. Wealth in life does not means money or some happy moments only. Life is such a wide journey, where every-one have/has to face some variety of challenges which includes sorrows and irrelevant solvable problems though. What actually matters in a relationship are mutual understandings, adjustments, faith and mutual-trust on each-other. But today, a marriage is something which can be comparable with an INCOMPLETE ungainliness. We are living in a highly individualistic society, where couples are thrown in each other’s company far rather than having close contacts in between them. So a change is must for the better partnership for both these genders in a common relationship.But still, if our instincts is unable to tell us whom would be the right partner, then what could be the situation? We don’t want to leave it to chance. So we try to ensure that the partner is suitable. That’s why we usually try to choose someone with the same interests similar to us, someone from a similar background, someone with the same values, someone with whom have a lot on common. Will that be an apt choice? Anyway, let me conclude this topic with a brilliant quote about ‘RELATIONSHIP’ by one among the world-renowned romantic fiction writer. 🙂

“Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance. If the dispositions of the parties are ever so well-known to each other or ever so similar beforehand, it does not advance their felicity in the least. They always continue to grow sufficiently unlike afterwards to have their share of vexation; and it is better to know as little as possible of the defects of the person with whom you are to pass your life.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Jane Austen

This post has been published in response to “Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage” contest by Indiblogger and Sony Entertainment Television ( Also you can vote for me here. 🙂

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A Cocksure University for ALL!

Hurray! Finally, I have found out some treasury stuffs, that would definitely convince everyone in a positive way about their own life! Few of the posts such as Ridden Inquisition, Conspicuous Brink and all, that  I updated on last month was all about some swifts as well as voluminous thoughts about the SUCCESS IN LIFE or immense FUTURE. Hope my regular blog readers would notice about it though. This is a fresh month know? Hence, Rahul is gonna expel some TRUTHS to you all. 😀 😀 It’s not about some dreary or quixotic ricks. But some relevant and fury FACTS! As usual, I must dedicate this post specially to someone, huh? For this time, it’s for all TEENS. 😀 :). Hope you all will enjoy reading it. 🙂

Before we move deeply in to the topic, I just need to ask you some basic queries. Hope all of you should have got any degree or graduation related certificates from a known University or Institution as educational credits. I know, it’ll vary according to nation by nation or state by state. Let it be like that itself, since I’m not going to expose my views in getting a certificate from a University. LOL. 😀 :). This is Rahul Ashok, who have joined in a University by today afternoon. 😉 🙂 Perhaps it can’t be comparable with popular one’s around the World itself like University of Oxford, University of Canterbury, University of Auckland….etc…etc. But for making an entry to the University that I starts following from today onwards won’t needs any complicated admission procedures or fees in comparing with the above mentioned institutions though. Bit interesting, huh?? And I’m 101% guaranteed for the various trades avail here.\m/ :D. Simply speaking kinda talk outs about an unknown Institution (for YOU) is not at all a fair to hear or focus on I know. Will show you two personalities, who were former students under this facile center. 🙂

Abraham Lincoln:

Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States

History after he joined the above queerness University:

  • In 1831, Abraham Lincoln failed in business.
  • In 1832, Abraham Lincoln was defeated for state legislator.
  • In 1833, Abraham Lincoln tried a new business, and failed.
  • In 1835, Abraham Lincoln’s fiance died.
  • In 1836, Abraham Lincoln had a nervous breakdown.
  • In 1843, Abraham Lincoln ran for congress and was defeated.
  • In 1848, Lincoln ran again, and was defeated. Again.
  • In 1855, Lincoln ran for the Senate, and lost.
  • In 1856, Lincoln ran for Vice President, and lost.
  • In 1859, Lincoln ran again for the Senate. He was defeated.
  • Then, in 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States.

Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders

Sanders started the World renowned KFC at the age of 66 years old. Retired from U.S. Army, he doesn’t have any cent of money except from old-age allowances (pension allowance) that become less from day-to-day. But he has expertise in cooking and offers recipes to more than a thousand restaurants in the country. Colone Harland Sanders is a pioneer of KFC which has grown to become one of the largest fast food franchise industry in the world.

Until now, Colonel Sanders still become a symbol of entrepreneurial spirit. He was born on September 9, 1890 in Henryville, Indiana, but he just actively grew his chicken business franchise when his age already 65 years old. At 6, his father died and his mother was not able to work longer so young Harland had to take care his younger brother who was still 3 years. By this situation, he had to cook for his family and on this period he was already beginning show his cooking skill.

At 7, he was good at cooking at some place. And at 10, he got his first job at a place close with a farm with $2 per month salary. When he 12 years old, his mother married again so he left the house and worked on a farm in Greenwood, Indiana. After that, he alternated work for several years. First, became a parker at age of 15 in New Albany, Indiana and later became the soldier that was sent to Cuba for six months. After that he became a fireman, studied law by correspondence, practiced in the courts, insurance, ferry operator, tire salesman and service station operator. At 40, the Colonel began cooking for hungry travelers who stopped at his service station in Corbin, He didn’t have a restaurant at the time, he serves his meals in dining room at the workshop. Finally, he decided to moved to across the street to a motel and restaurant because of more and more people come to eat. On this new place, he able to accommodate 142 people.

For almost 9 years, he used a recipe made with basic cooking techniques and this concept still apply until present. At the time, Colonel Sander had a good image. Governor Ruby Laffoon presented an appreciation as Kentucky Colonel to him because of his contribution to the state of Cuisine. On 1939, for the first time its existence listed in Duncan Hines ‘Adventures in Good Eating”. It’s a matter of fact that more than 1400 recipes by Sanders gets rejected drastically by the food takers. In such a worst situation, if he gets disappointed in having further experiments, will this popular branded ‘KFC’ trailed around the world currently like this?

It was all about these two popular personalities, who were always a FAILURE in their life. Hats off to both of them from my side.\m/\m/. I’m so much glad enough to say that, they were old students of ‘UNIVERSITY OF PERSEVERANCE’. Haha! Suspense tags closed. 😀 :). It’s all because of their determination and faith on the chief lecturer of this institution, the one and only GREAT GOD, helps them to achieve the targets and positions they were IN. Now let me know, who all are interested to join in my University? 😛 :D. Basic qualifications needed is just faith and trust in our Chief. Admission procedures are still in PROGRESS.\m/ 🙂 🙂

“If YOU deserves something on this mere World, it’ll be always avail for YOU as YOUR OWN achievement” ( PROVIDED OUR CHIEF MUST BE THERE!)

Credits for Images and few infos: Google.


Progressive Races!

With the advancement of technology what all are happening around us! There was a time when we had a little chance to contact someone for an emergency and now we get into the world of pokes. I mean, one is easily accessible anytime, anywhere!- Facebook, Twitter, Gtalk, Y!messenger, Hotmail, Skype, Call and SMS– everything on different gadgets. The longing for access to someone has reduced, and everyone has become easily contactable and thereby almost taken for granted! By and by the relationships have become like a toy for a kid, getting wondered with something in it, then getting addicted to it, then asking for it each second, playing with it in whatever ways possible, then getting bored, break up and on to an ‘updated‘ toy the next and the same repeating procedure! Is it not like that, more or less? Comparing with our fore fathers life, we all are living such a technological heaven where each and everyone have greater access ability towards each other, where time and distance isn’t at all a matter. We now live in a time when we can really dream of a near future, when we will have weekly rockets to moon and flying cars, as seen in Love 2050. It would be incommensurate no? Buying a robotic assistant for anything getting it programmed for our needs, buying internal chips that would be capsule education, capsule knowledge or capsule programming for every internal organ including brain, and to add up, human clones too will be available! Haha… A robot, who will be avail for doing my needs like a slave?? Instead of taking regular meals, why can’t I take food capsules (which will serve equal energy in comparing with usual food intake habit) 2 or 3 times a day?? A vehicle which can run in PURE WATER instead costlier petrol or diesel?? Will all this happen at least in the near future?? 😛 😀

The above mentioned technologies by our man kind would definitely give easiness and effortless batten in all fields I know. But will that always favor a prepossessing life for us! What about other living beings? It would leads to a new era which will be incomparable and  with our present WORLD no? As you all know, at the present condition itself our living world is in such a worst situation cos of environmental, life span issues and all. While human intelligence is sometimes capable of soaring in its creativity and the way of expressiveness, much human thought is derivative though. All these technologies will allow us to transcend these limitations of our biological bodies and brains. We will gain power over our fates and destinations which we are aiming. Our mortality will be in our own hands. We will be able to live as long as we want. We will fully understand human thinking and vastly extend and expand where it can reach. By the end of this century, the non-biological portion of our bravery will be millions or trillions of times more powerful than unaided human intelligence I guess. If so,what will happen in a far future, I mean, in the farthest zenith of future? I wonder…with getting everything, yeah of course with human efficiency, what will we gain as the final result? Of course everything has an end, an end point… Will the term ‘human’ survive, with all its essence of the sense, competing with the fast development of technology, panting for breath of an original human heart that ‘feels’ for someone or something?\m/\m/


The Salty GUSTO!

That was a pathetic morning visit for him. It was on that morning wedding ceremony of his pal, an unexpected thing happened in his life ever!  He was supposed to see a gal, who has an outstanding attitude in her talks and opaqueness in her beauty! Most weird fact about her was that, she was his childhood best friend (but he didn’t talked much with her after that)! The whole crowd over there were aiming at this rarely cute looking beauty. He was so normal cum a common life leading man though. But this guy outright his unsolicited feelings over this gal. “I need her….”– it beeps like an alarm inside in his heart for the past few years. So finally he decides to offer a coffee for her after the marriage party with his restive cogitation to propose her. 😛

Finally, at the end of the party, he invited her to have coffee with him. He was in a vagary way of thoughts and starts shivering and sweating after having a look at her face. Since he approached her in a well polite manner, she agrees with that deal with out much offends. They went out to a near by Coffee House after the party and were welcomed by the empty bamboo chairs placed in the open meadow. They sat in two chairs facing opposite to each other and ordered 2 special coffees. He don’t know anything in detail about proposing a gal and what to ask  her? The only thing he was having at that moment is some anxious thoughts about his unknown(now) childhood best pal. LOL. :D.He was simply targeting at her with his partially red looking eyes and a sipped on coffee cup in between . After a while, she felt some mud headedness and felt uncomfortable to be with him. They were there for more than half an hour though! “Will you please let me go? It’s already late now!”- she told him. Suddenly he called the waiter, “Will you give me some salt please? I’d like to put it in my coffee.” After hearing this order, waiter stared at him! So strange to hear no? Waiter came back with a casket containing salt and payed back to him with in short time. His face turned weird, but still, he put the salt in his coffee and drank it. She was so much excited to see all this and with much curiosity she asked him, “Hey, what’s wrong with you? Is this the way you are taking coffee?” . He replied, “I’m actually a guy who was born and brought up in an oceanic region you know. I likes playing in the sea from my childhood onwards. Hence I could feel the taste of the sea, which is just like the taste of this salty coffee. “Whenever I have this salty drink in my hands, I always think of my childhood, hometown, friends and all over there. I’m really missing my hometown and parents who are still living there.” -While saying this, his eyes starts filling with tears. She gets deeply touched after hearing this. “That would be a man’s retracting and true feeling from the bottom of his heart”-she thought. If a man, who can tell about his homesickness, then he must be a person who loves his home, responsibilities and cares about parents… Later she also started to spoke about her own childhood, family and all as he did. 🙂

This beautiful unexpected coffee talk leads to the beginning of their story too! Later, they continued to date. She found that, actually he was a man who meets all her demands; he had tolerance, was kind hearted, warm, careful. He was such a good person she owned in her through out life! It was all because of his salty coffee imbibed him to her heart. Then it was just like every love story, the princess(she) gets married with the prince(he), and then they lived in happy and joyful life for years with their kid… Whenever she made coffee for him, used to put some salt in the coffee, as she knew that it’s the usual habit of taking coffee by her husband. 🙂 🙂

After 40 years of inveterate life, he passed away! Later, once she found a letter from the cupboard, which was left for her by that lovely husband.

“My dear sweetheart,

Please forgive me! Forgive my whole life’s lie to you dear! This was the only lie I told to you ever in our life—The Salty Coffee. Remember the first time when we dated? I was so nervous at that time during our coffee talk. Actually, I wanted some sugar instead of this opposite salty taste. It was hard for me to change in-front of you. So I just went ahead. I never thought, that it could be the start of our syrupy communication! I have tried to tell you the truth many times during the days I spent with you. But I was very afraid to do so, as I have promised not to lie to you for anything… Now I’m dying and telling you this fact at least now. I don’t like the salty coffee, which I usually took during my days with you, even I HATE IT always while drinking… But I had a reason for taking this salty coffee in my whole life ! Since I knew you, I never feel sorry for anything I do for you. Having you with me is my biggest happiness for my whole life. If I can live for the second time, still want to know you and have you for my whole life, even though I have to drink the salty coffee again.”

Her tears made the letter totally wet. Someday, someone asked her, “What’s the taste of salty coffee?” She replied, “It’s so sweet.” 🙂 🙂

“True love never fails or ends! “


The World Environment Day 2012!

Today, June 5th: The World Environment Day (WED)! 🙂

I was supposed to hear about this special day in the morning, while watching  TV at hospital. Since I was not well( suffering from high degree fever and head ache), it blared around my ears similar to a distortion. I thought about the relevance of this day at that instant in my mind. Actually, The World Environmental Day related programs was conducted in a much better way at school rather than at my college I guess. This was a day, we(both teachers and students) fermented some blast outs in the near by areas through rallies, seminar sessions, awareness classes and all during school days. Since I’m living in an Industrial area, that includes well known factories in India itself like FACT, HMT and TCC, which all are the pioneering chemicals and pollutants makers over here. Usually, I have a habit of walking in the early mornings. It’s a strange fact that in most of the days, I’ll be welcoming by “SMOKY“( appears as mist or fog) and “AMMONIA EJECTION” gases paths on the way. In addition to this, most of the lakes and rivers in “God’s own County” including Periyar, Bharathapuzha etc…etc.. are under EXTINCTION. I was really amazed to see one among the most popular river source in Kerala recently. It’s beyond ENDANGERED and ABERRATION now! This is not at all a haphazard ill treat from environment towards us to care, but it’s all because of the hell-bent insatiable HUMAN BEINGS way of approach against the nature as well as near future beings! 

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This is one among the drastic news I read recently! Due to global warming and associated climate change, the sea level would rise between ONE AND TWO METERS by the beginning of next century in Kochi, India! An expert study, prepared by more than 220 scientists belonging to over 120 institutions, claims that India’s coast is VULNERABLE, KERALA’s coast especially so! But for the same sea level conditions, 169 sq km and 599 square km will be inundated in the coastal region surrounding Kochi. Because of Kochi’s peculiar topography, with a network of tidal creeks, backwaters and lakes stretching inland from the coast, CAUSES CONSIDERABLE INCREASE IN TOTAL AREA OF INUNDATION. It is estimated that sea level rise by 3.5 to 34.6 inches between 1990 and 2100 would result in saline coastal groundwater, endangering wet lands and inundating valuable land and coastal communities. This report is all about the future and it’s a truth that, Why I should care about it? Isn’t it? As a common man nearly for more than 60 years, that I’ll be alive on this world. Which means the above mentioned issue won’t affect me anyway. Let me tell you 1 fact! It’s all about the existence of my near future beings. As an ancestor, I MUST TAKE CARE of them too no? It’s quite natural way of following as we did the same from pre-cursor’s no?

Now, this is all about 2012’s predates about World Environmental Day!

The 2012 World Environment Day logo supports this year’s theme – Green Economy: Does it include you? 2012 is also the 40th anniversary for World Environment Day, since the creation of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in 1972. 🙂

In this significant year for the environment and sustainable development, the world leaders will once again meet at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development 20 years after the historic Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, 1992. Dubbed Rio+20, one of the main themes of this Summit is ‘a green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication’. Embodying this concept, the World Environment Day logo reflects the Green Economy through several elements that are included in the image. These elements reflect some of the ten sectors of economy identified as ideal for investment in the Green Economy in a UNEP report – Towards a Green Economy: Pathways to Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication.

“The World Environment Day 2012” Logo..! 🙂

Looking at the image from left to right, the ten sectors are renewable (represented by the solar panel and windmill), agriculture, buildings, transport, cities, forests and the others not symbolically represented but by no means any less important – waste, industries, tourism and fisheries.The World Environment Day logo also captures the spirit of celebration and human involvement. The pink dot is a head of person with arms raised and legs that flow into a ribbon.

The ribbon itself forms an abstract letter ‘W’ (for World) that changes colour from pink through blue into a green that represents a green economy. The person’s position in the ribbon is where the colour incidentally transitions into green, signifying that people – you – are central to a functional green economy and thus it must include you. The light green part of the ribbon curves into a slight horizon of the earth. The ribbon therefore emulates the integration of the three pillars of sustainable development (social, environment and economy) through its smooth flow from the human element (pink head), into the environment (earth) and supporting the economy (green economy sectors). The vibrant colours and use of a ribbon hopefully transmit the celebratory spirit we hope that all World Environment Day participants will radiate. This year must therefore be about spreading the word of the importance of the Green Economy and how it includes you. Celebrating World Environment Day is about the inspirational power of individual action that, collectively, is multiplied into an exponential force that can effect positive change.

Save our world!


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I, Rahul Ashok, hereby declare in-front of the whole world through this pledge that,

“I will do my part to save the air we breathe and the water we drink by fighting global climate change.”


Am I fool enough to say, Facebook is just a social network only?

When I hear my name ‘Rahul Ashok’, the first thought that comes to me is the visual of my timeline with an updated profile picture and notifications at the top. Facebook has given me an identity since when I started to love it! This is my own world, as I always write in my profile. But what if Facebook takes people away from me, step by step?
Is it showing or reminding me that those friendships were built in it and hence it has all right to take that off as a whole??

My own world!

 Let me hit at the reason of writing this. The immediate cause is the ‘close friends’ option introduced by Facebook. While editing the list, I got confused with certain names, as some are too close to me (I think), but never bother to see me on Facebook. I got an unknown prick of nostalgia that made me check my last year on Facebook, the updates that I had written, the persons who had commented, the style of mocking at each other for fun, the kind of person I was then… It took me back…so long back to the grey shaded yesterdays… The present had no possessiveness on me as I could easily slip away in my magical time machine. Once I started to go through it from back to front, I had my eyes filled, seeing certain names very much alive there. Slowly, it started to suffocate me with lots of memories and the difference that it has with the present. I didn’t feel to see to that any more, as I was breaking out with blocked feelings. For me, Facebook isn’t just a social media for me to share some statuses, friendly chats( With known’s and unknown’s), playing games and all. It’s exactly a creative world put forward by myself, where the control is owned under my hands. 🙂 \m/

I should say that those two persons whom I always refer to as my right and left were gifted by Facebook.:)

 I remember it with all thanks for the two persons whom I always refer to as my right and left were gifted by Facebook. And the huge circle that completes us was welded together with the magic of networking. We used to exchange words in this same platform in any of our walls everyday. We used to make fun of some persons in our gang, the chance kept rolling. Mostly I was the joker and I hug those moments close to heart. As time passed by, some people started to get recognised by public getting into film industry and we all used to rejoice over that. While thinking of those days, I still feel the happiness that we felt being together. Now at this point of time, I realise that I have lost them on Facebook. And they ask me whether I am not still satisfied with a good number of followers. Even when there are huge number of likes or comments in my profile, I miss them in each of what I put there. Most of the times, I search in even the ‘like’ list to find their names in it. My likes or comments get drowned without a response in their profiles as well. Some friends even scold me for appearing in their walls in each of their updates regularly so that other people notice that. So I tend to be silent there, for better. Sometimes, I click on their names and see whether they are online or whether they have updated round that time, and I madly wish that they come to my status as a gang and start commenting there with the old fun. But that doesnt happen, unfortunately, anytime. And I don’t hope that the old time will ever come back again.  I had discussed this with some people in the gang. Some say that they are too busy with many things and they don’t log into Facebook much. ‘Busy’, I believe, is mostly a made-up word, to hide some other reasons behind. Even if you are busy, if you have the real passion to hold a relationship, you will find time to exchange a word, or show a concern even if it is momentary. That matters in a large scale.You never know how lonely the other person is, without you. Feel proud that there are people who wait for you, who search for you, who miss you in your long absence, who turn pages of those good moments together cherishing each… 🙂 🙂

Facebook teaches me, how to expose some hasty thoughts through statuses! 😀 😛

From being friends in Facebook, some relationships grow beyond networking. But we tend to forget the steps behind as we move forward. Once the e- mail id is there, we tend to start chat and forget each other’s Facebook profiles where you were active. Once the phone number is with us, we tend to forget the FB, email and whatever was behind. And getting regular on phone gives us a feel that the other person is just a call away and easily accessible. Slowly the frequency of calls come down and fades away. They never ping on mail, never keep in touch in any of the networks, doesn’t even bother to see what we ‘mentioned’ about them. And you forget that the other person is only and just only a call away, in another essential sense. Relationships keep on changing, when people start to become ‘taken for granted objects’. Even some gets married though! I had read somewhere that everything is most valuable only twice- before getting it, and after losing it. My close friends are those whom I had almost lost here. 🙂

This is not a story of mine alone, but this process is going on with every active person on Facebook, I bet. With this post, I want to remind you of certain people in your old days. Think that someone will be doing this same thing for you too. Try to send a word to those who used to be parts of your regular thoughts, even when you have a handful of new faces with you. I wish you think of them once you finish reading this. 🙂

Am I right?? 😀 🙂

I may appear as a fool to you, for taking such a matter for writing as a blog post. 😛 😀 Many of those who can see their faces in between these words may find it irritating and may discuss about how embarrassing I am. May be tomorrow I will regret for this writing thinking of my silliness, but I will never feel regret with what I wrote here and how I felt for each word in this. It came right from my heart with all the sincerity in it. It was just because, I had a quiet natural feeling that, “I miss you, my dear friends…”

Thank you Mr.Mark! 🙂

I would like to thank, Mark Zuckerberg for lending away such a wonderful gift to the whole world! You are the mahn…
Hat’s off to you… 🙂 \m/