The New Way Of Spreading HIV!!

The New Way Of Spreading HIV!!

This is my 1st article!So i thought of writing about any relevant lugubrious issue around the whole world.It’s all about my findings through surfing.I know that it’s bit short.But even this small script needs to share something with you.I have tried my level best to avoid complicated words and usages.Hope you’ll get my “Insights” about the topic in all respects. ūüôā

In Thailand, one of drug addict who is HIV positive had been arrested and charged, but it was too late, as he already infected many innocent victim. So be careful! Some place that is dangerous and you might find contaminated needles that have been used by drug addicts.

At a beach,when you are walking at a beach please always wear slippers or shoes as HIV contaminated needles might buried under the sand. These needles might be exposed to underground by sea wave.

At a childrens playground,another favourite place for drug addict. In Austria, where an child had been accidentally injected with needle when he slide down where a needle happen to be at the bottom of the slide, and then confirmed HIV positive!Holy crap.HIV passed in to a body just through a needle means?How dare it would be? 

At a¬†Theater,please check the seat before sitting. A case happened in Hawaii when a woman sat on a chair and felt something injected her. When she stand up, she realized there was a needle and a note written “Welcome to the real world, you are now HIV positive” . Doctor inspected the needle and confirmed it had HIV virus. So be careful.

In Georgia and Florida, US , there’s a case a drug addict place a needle in coin balance retriever of vending machine. So if you want to buy drink oy candy or anything else from vending machine, look carefully into coin balance retriever, maybe someone has put a HIV contaminated needle inside it.

The above mentioned incidents are just facts!¬†In fact¬†all these were happened not along our Indian coast.But that doesn’t matter at all.According to a recent study by a popular journal in India,it was found that there is approximately 1.6 million people suffering from HIV .Most weird fact is that our country declined drastically in recent years from 5.2 million in 2005 to below 2.3 million in 2007!

“Prevention is the only better way than cure”

Be always aware about a disease of this sort and try to manipulate it in the right sense.With any conviction of the heart¬†One¬†with the¬†earth, with the sky.¬†One¬†with everything in¬†life. I believe we’ll surely survive.

Human beings…Don’t be lustful towards “anything”!It’ll surely lead to a perdition for the future mankind.

Rahul Ashok